Batman And Joker Take It To Google: The Case Of Affordable SEO Companies

Suppose New York really was Gotham City, MINUS all the crazy corruption, tech savvy villains (perhaps not Google, Yahoo! and Bing?!), their vast empires, and the occasional visits from Superman and the Justice League. JUST the home of Batman and Joker – one working to protect the legal system and honest citizens, while the other bent on destroying the very system because it protects the elite, and trying to turn ‘gullible’ citizens that don’t see it towards enlightened madness.

Now enter giants – Google, Bing and Yahoo! that have the monopoly over search engines and hence control how businesses establish and maintain high visibility of their websites and content, hence their ability to reach “citizens” (customers) online.

In this scenario, Bruce Wayne, the millionaire philanthropist comes across Google’s latest algorithm updates and its secretive removal of Page Rank from its SEO success factors. Knowing Wayne, we can expect him to be the one to leak the information in the first place! But here arises the problem that has led to turmoil amongst businesses. Since search engines joker123 continuously change their algorithms, how can one get a good ranking on search engine results page for searches specific to their business niche? Bruce uploads a blog post: “The simple answer is to hire an SEO expert or seek help from an SEO consulting firm.”

Enter Joker, with his minions and inexperienced SEO experts that do not provide transparent reports and would rather use techniques to get FASTER results yet damaging long term standing of a business.

Enters Bruce, to his Bat-Cave…

Batman Uploads Basics Guidelines:

Understand SEO: It is a set of techniques and best practices that optimize your website and content so that search engines rank you high on their results page. Two types of SEO exist, organic/natural SEO which stresses on keywords research targeting your business niche, and their strategic placement in content, and PPC advertising where create a larger search engine marketing strategy covering the complete spectrum of online experience (social media, local setups, search engine listings, Web HTML optimization etc.)

What You Should See After Hiring An SEO consulting Firm:

– Find your website ranked higher in SERP,

– Your brand ahead of competition in the niche,

– Positive feedback from audience engaged by relevant content,

– Visitors convert to fans and buyers,

– Past and current clients remain hooked to your business.

SEO companies: You will find many affordable SEO companies out there. Make sure that:

– Their claims are not unrealistic – nobody can get you to rank high in one day (apart from Batman),

– They offer to discuss reports regularly and transparently,

– That you know the services they will offer

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