How to Kill Bed Bugs and Prevent Them – 3 Solutions to Eliminating Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a terrible problem that terrorize homeowners, motels, apartment complexes, dorm rooms and all dwellings. These bugs are flat, oval looking, reddish brown, tiny blood sucking insects. Night bugs feed off your skin leaving bumps and can cause terrible allergic reactions. These insects travel throughout the walls of living quarters and are extremely difficult to contain. They can be found in furniture, sheets, pillows, comforters, mattresses and anywhere they can latch onto humans. These annoying insects are easily transported in clothing, suitcases and anything possible.

Detecting these bugs is not very difficult. Their bites cause itching and a burning feeling. Typically you will notice bumps on your skin and red blots. Looking for blood stain marks on sheets or carpeting can show a possible detection of bed bugs. These insects also tend to have a stale odor. Their feces are also easily detected on bedding with dark spots left from their punaises de lit 94 body waste. A great way to detect is to place some strong tape upside down near your bedding and check the tape in the morning to see if any are stuck on it

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and typically found in areas that people sleep. These insects also prefer a warm area and are found in mattresses, pillows and other sleeping areas. Individuals who travel are more prone to bed bugs as many hotels have infestation problems. Individuals who are also in the service business of going from home to home are more prone to attracting them.

It is strongly recommended that individuals consult an expert as they are hard to contain. Here are some solutions to try to contain or prevent bed bugs:

  1. Steam Cleaners that release high temperature heat can kill bed bugs. Anything 120 degrees or greater will kill a bed bug. Make sure when steaming to steam baseboards as they can nest during the day in walls or tight crevices. Remember to have a steamer that can run an hour or more so you can efficiently do the entire room and surrounding rooms.
  2. UV-C Wands such as the purelight UV Hand Wand are great tools. UV-C light will kill not only bed bugs but also dust mites. UV light wands are great for allergy suffers as they kill many things that cause allergic reactions and also are great for eliminating odors. Another great tool is the raycop vacuum which has UV-C light and is great for vacuuming your sleeping areas.
  3. Microban X-580 disinfectant spray kills roaches, fleas, bed bugs, mold, odors and much more. Microban works very well with a fogger puremist machine or spray bottle. A fogger puremist machine allows you to disinfect a room or even in vehicles to freshen.

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