New Treatment For Diabetes, New Hope

The search for the cure for diabetes is not yet over. In fact new treatment for diabetes has been researched assiduously to help diabetics in their condition. Before we divulge information on these new treatments, read on to know more about this disease.

All about Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious unremitting metabolic disease caused by an increase in the blood sugar level of our body. This increase in blood sugar level can cause organ damage or failure. The organs mainly affected by this condition are the kidneys, nerves, the eyes, the heart and Reversirol the blood vessels.

Diabetes happens when a hormone called Insulin is not sufficiently produced by the pancreas. This condition can also happen when the body has trouble using Insulin properly.

The list of complications of diabetes is a long and alarming one. If the blood sugar level increases to high level it can cause kidney failures, heart attacks, possible blindness, stroke, impotence and even difficulty in healing wounds.

Genetics play a key role in this condition. If one of your parents has diabetes, there is a huge chance that you will also have this condition or you can acquire it in the future. Overweight people are also more susceptible to diabetes. Lack of exercise and high cholesterol level can also be the reason for developing diabetes.

Diabetes Tips

It is important for a diabetic to control their blood sugar level. They have to make healthy food choices and live an active lifestyle to do this.

Eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting down sugary and salty food intake is beneficial. Daily exercise can help improve the functions of the Insulin and can help lower down blood sugar level.

Since there is no cure for diabetes yet, your doctor can prescribe you with a medication that can stabilize blood sugar levels such as sulfonylurea, biguanide, alpha-glucosidase and thiazolidindione. There are also some gadgets available to help track your blood sugar level.

In recent studies, new treatment for diabetes has been found. The use of a medication called Byetta has shown great potential in treating diabetes.

What Byetta does is it actually echoes the functions of blood sugar regulating hormones in our body. Many diabetics have significantly improved since trying this medication out.

Some experts have also seen great potential in an herbal remedy called bitter melon. In fact, this is the herbal choice for many diabetes supplements. They have found 4 compounds in bitter melon that mimics the benefits showed by regular exercise.

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