What is Artisan Organic Chocolate?

If you want truly delicious, unique, and healthful chocolates, artisan chocolatiers may be your new favorite chocolate makers. Not a brand, artisan chocolates are produced using a style of chocolate-making that stresses the use of fine ingredients and careful processes.

Most artisan chocolate companies will use the highest quality cacao beans they can find and process them slowly, using age-old production methods. In particular, an artisan chocolate company may use long conching times to reduce the acidity of the peintre 77 beans, minimal sugar, and no artificial flavors.

A high degree of skill is involved in making artisan chocolates, with each producer leaving their own personal touch on the finished product. Whether it’s an interesting ingredient or a special technique for fermenting or roasting the cacao beans, artisan chocolatiers take pride in developing one-of-a-kind morsels to be enjoyed by the discerning palate.

The end result? Delicious, luxurious confections that, like fine wines, are to be appreciated for their subtle flavor, texture, and mouth-feel.

5 Organic Artisan Chocolate Companies

Delve deeper into the world of organic artisan chocolates with these delectable producers:

  • Theo Chocolate: As the only organic, fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate factory in America, Theo prides itself on producing high-quality, creative chocolates that help to change the way the cocoa industry conducts business. Using a small-batch production system, they consider the process of making chocolate an art. Time and high-quality ingredients are used to produce five bars with flavor notes from various parts of the world.
  • Dagoba Organic Chocolate: Full Circle Sustainability principles guide the production of Dagoba’s organic artisan chocolates. Using a combination of modern and time-honored processes, Dagoba produces pure blends, single-origin, and innovative infusions using creative flavors, essential oils, and fresh, locally-produced ingredients.
  • Lillie Belle Farms Hand Made Chocolates: Entirely hand-made using time-tested European chocolate-making techniques with an American twist, Lillie Belle artisan chocolates are both sustainable and award-winning. Using almost entirely organic ingredients like fresh-picked raspberries, strawberries, and marionberries grown on their own Certified Organic farm, Lillie Belle chocolates aim to make people happy with their creations.
  • Ithaca Fine Chocolates: The Art Bars made by Ithaca Fine Chocolates are organic and artistic from start to finish. Founded by art historian Erika Fowler-Decatur and her husband Michael Decatur, this company attempts to bring fine art and fine chocolate together. A Swiss chocolatier creates the Art Bars from superior Fair Trade Certified chocolate and ingredients that are Certified Organic by the USDA. And they come wrapped in a collectible art card made from recycled paper. Ten percent of all profits are given to local and global art education organizations.
  • Vere: With “A fresh take on chocolate” as their slogan, vere strives to produce sophisticated, pure, healthful confections crafted with extraordinarily delicious single-origin, sustainably-grown cocoa. Their artisan creations are made with low sugar and come as truffles, clusters, wafers, and organic bars. They also carry vegan and diabetic-friendly options.

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