Don’t Replace That Old Flat Roof

If you have an old commercial building with a flat roof odds are you have had some thought on replacing that old flat roof surface with a new one. This can be a very expensive and time consuming process and there are a few things you should consider before tearing off that old roof.

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The most obvious thing to consider first is cost effectiveness. A roof replacement on a large roof can easily run into the hundreds of thousands or possible millions of dollars on big roofs to have them replaced and this is not always the best choice. The next thing to consider is the impact it will have on your business. A roof tear off can shut you down till its complete which could be a considerable amount of time on a larger roof. The lost revenue may take weeks or months to recuperate if ever in the state of today’s economy. Other issues may be that you have to move heavy sensitive equipment out to a dry location until the roof is complete to protect it from the elements of uv rays, rain, snow and ice, this can be a very expensive endeavour in itself paying a moving contractor to store it temporarily somewhere else till the work is completed.

The good news is that there are alternatives to tearing off a roof that are much more cost effective and less business impacting. The solution is to have a qualified roof coatings expert take a look at your structure to see if its a good candidate to be restored with coatings. They are much cheaper than replacing the roof and the end result is the same in which your leaks get fixed and you can continue on with business as usual. While most roof coating applications are being done you will most likely hardly even notice that they are there working on your roof thus leaving you with the important task of running your business and not waiting on a contractor to finish your roof flat roofs toronto.

Roof coatings generally come in an elastomeric rubber liquid or an asphalt tar like liquid. Both are effective but be sure to do your homework on the product before you purchase one, some are definitely a lot better than others and the last thing you want to do is put a coating down and have it peel up on you and not work. Most roof coatings contractors will spray the coatings down for speed but some still use the old school roller down method which is effective just slower. Go with companies that have been producing coatings for a long time such as Topp’s Products or ER Systems, both have very good products and reputations. You are of course going to spend more on these than other coating systems but the investment is worth it in the long run. Both of their systems come with warranties and they will stand behind them 100% if you experience the highly unlikely event of a roof leak.

So before making an hasty rash decision check all of your options to have your roof repaired. You may be surprised of all the benefits you will receive with a coating system over a flat roof replacement. The money savings alone is huge and this is generally the determining factor with most commercial building owners in today’s sluggish economy.

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