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The Cannabinoid Content in our Ageless World line of Vitamins, Minerals, and Anti-Aging Supplements are manufactured from 100% pure CBD extracts. We believe that CBD is a very important ingredient to supplement your diet, and we wanted to provide an easy way for you to understand exactly what it is in our products. Please visit the CBD Store for an explanation of each of our CBD Products.

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A CBD Product is defined as any food additive, including food supplements, that contain one or more naturally occurring, plant-derived compounds that may mitigate the negative side effects caused by conventional food additives. The ingredients in CBD are primarily flavonoids and CBD, which have a unique biological activity in the human body. Our CBD Store includes the most comprehensive list of CBD food additive.

Among the items in our CBD Store that are not permitted to be sold in the U.S. are products that contain CBD. Specifically, some of our CBD Store eBooks and other digital information products that claim to contain CBD are prohibited from being sold in the U.S. The only exception to this general statement would be if the item were laboratory prepared and held in a FDA approved facility. Some CBD may also be used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, but this uses a different method of extraction.

There are a number of CBD Store that fall under our CBD Store categorized under the dietary supplements. These products are regulated by the FDA and are considered to be intended for use only for adults. Most dietary supplements will list their ingredients on the label, including CBD or its purified form. In addition to dietary supplements, some CBD may be used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals under the category of “other than dietary supplements” or “for medical or therapeutic purposes only”.

The webpage titled “Hemp Oil” on our CBD Store contains a number of products that are in this exact CBD classification. The webpage does not mention the source, but the product is manufactured by Bedrocan. Bedrocan is an organic natural nutrition company that we do not have any information about. In addition to hemp oil, hemp seed extract, CBD capsules, CBD lotions and CBD oils are some of the products that are available for purchase on this CBD Store. This company markets CBD hair oil, CBD soap and CBD shampoos. It is important that buyers understand that these products are not meant for children or infants.

One of the many CBD Store eBooks that is available on this Store is titled “The Truth About Ageless CBD”. The eBook is written by Amy Waterman, who is an expert on CBD and other herbal treatments. The book is an easy read with simple language. It provides basic information about CBD, as well as some interesting anecdotes about her travels throughout the world and her family. It also contains a complete list of the Ageless CBD Products that are available on this website. The webpage titled “The Truth About Ageless CBD” is also where one can find additional information on her eBook.

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