Vietnam Travel Guide – Getting Your Visa Fast!

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, you should get hold of a Vietnam travel guide before you leave. You can get one from travel agents or online. There are several good ones out there. I’m not going to tell you which ones I personally used, but you should definitely check them out before relying on my review to help you decide. These Vietnam travel guides will tell you about the best places to visit and what to expect.

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The best Vietnam travel guide is written by someone who has visited the country. I remember a book that was published in French, with an introduction and an afterword by a French traveller that spoke very little English, so I had to do most of the work myself. Luckily, Vietnam is now getting more Western tourists, so Ho Chi Minh’s face isn’t all that rare on the streets of Hanoi anymore.

The Vietnam travel guide I use everyday starts off by describing the unique culture and cuisine of Vietnam. It tells me that the best time to visit Hanoi is from May through November, as this is the dry season. During this time, rice terraces are in abundance and prices are very reasonable. My favourite meal is pho, a bowl of soup with rice that is served in a clay pot. I don’t remember where I learned to do it, but my mother told me that it is a dish from southern Vietnam that is particularly refreshing when served with spring rolls

My next stop on my Vietnam travel guide was Phuc Chau, a famous street located in downtown Hanoi. There are rows of elegant restaurants and hotels that line the banks of the street, and every night there is a performance of contemporary classical music being performed by a local orchestra. On this block, you will find one of the most unique shops in Vietnam: the “ta Vu”, or truffle shop. You can purchase high quality truffles, some for hundreds of dollars, and there are even packages that include a trip to Phuc Chau.

When I was in Hanoi, I didn’t think too much about my chances of obtaining a visa to stay in Vietnam. I had heard about people living in the United States getting a visa-free entry, but I didn’t think it would apply to me since I was an American. Fortunately, I discovered that there are companies that help foreign travelers obtain their VISA in Vietnam. One of these companies is called Travel Vietnam, and they have been helping people like you get a visa to enjoy the beautiful country for as long as you remain within the borders of the USA.

If you are traveling to Vietnam any time soon, I recommend that you take advantage of the services offered by Vietnam travel guide companies that help facilitate visa applications for you. These companies have helped thousands of people over the last decade to obtain their visa. I also highly recommend going to Vietnam in the winter, as this is the time when the climate is most enjoyable. It’s still humid in the spring, but the summer months offer lots of beautiful scenery.

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