Pet Odor – How to Deal With It

They may be cuddly and lovable but pets are known to be the cause of many messes around the house. Dogs are known to be the worst culprits. Dog odors have a tendency of stubbornly sticking to upholstery, carpets and other surfaces around the house this could leave a house with a terribly unpleasant pet odor.  Urine and droppings also contribute greatly to the foul smells.

When dealing with the urine or droppings, it is necessary to clear the mess as soon as it happens because the more it stays, the worse it gets Urine for instance contains a mixture of concentrated waste products and as it decays, bacteria continue to grow because of moisture as well as a constant source of food. The problem with urine is that it is hard to spot exactly where it is but this problem can be solved by checking the bottom side of the carpet for signs of a stain. To clean this kind of mess up, an enzyme based neutralizer is needed and this can be purchased at most veterinary practices. This product works on upholstery as well as floor by breaking down the main ingredients that are causing the odor. After using the neutralizer, vacuuming should be done and thereafter the area sprayed with a mixture of vinegar and water.

Vinegar is a good general neutralizer and it gets rid of pet odor around the home. If any mess is spotted it should gently be blotted and then the vinegar applied on the spot. The procedure may have to be done several times over before the odor finally goes. Ammonia should never be used to deal with urine because it tends to worsen the smell Pet Waste Service Michigan. Cats should be accustomed to the use of litter box from a young age in order to prevent messes around the house.

The fur that is shed from pets also gives off an odor and regular brushing of pets will ensure that shedding is cut down to a minimum. Another important aspect is the food quality of pets. If they are fed with balanced meals, their coats will not emit a bad smell. The odors can also be dealt with by sprinkling a certain amount of baking soda on surfaces just before the process of vacuuming.

Pets may sometimes stain floors or walls and possibly cause discoloration of surfaces With the advice from home improvement experts you can get enzymatic formulations that can help in cleaning as well as stain removal. Just like humans pets may suffer from bad breath which is as a result of sulfur based bacteria inside the mouth. Cleaning the animals’ teeth using special pet toothpaste will get rid of the bacteria as well as the smell. This will not only do away with the bad pet odor but also prevent diseases related to the teeth. Along with the cleaning process it is imperative that a pet gets sufficient training so as to reduce the chances of having bad odors and stains within the household.

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