How to Choose Aquariums For Beginners

Aquariums are one of the most popular hobbies. It can be difficult for beginners to understand why this hobby is so popular. An aquarium is simply a vivarium with at least one transparent side where live plants or animals are housed and displayed. Most aquariums are self-contained, meaning they contain all of the needed supplies to ensure proper maintenance of the fish or other organisms. Most aquariums also include some lighting systems, heaters, pumps, and filters.

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Most aquariums will contain a tank that is between twenty-four to thirty-six gallons and will typically have a base support of eight to ten gallons. Most will contain multiple levels of water, although the more common styles will contain just one large aquarium with multiple levels of water. Aquariums can vary greatly in size from some that hold only one or two fish to some that can house thousands of fish. Fish can range in size from catfish to sharks.

Many people start out with small aquariums and then graduate to larger tanks once they have more experience and a better understanding of what they are doing dad gifts for birthday. The main difference between fish tanks and aquariums is how the fish appear in both types. Fish tanks tend to have more solid decorations and a very defined overall shape whereas aquariums are more open with lots of space around the edge and can have a sort of “overcrowded” look to them. Fish in small tanks can often be quite messy due to their lack of an adequate filtration system.

Aquatic animal tanks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The most common style tends to be rectangular glass tanks, although there are circular and oval glass tanks as well. There are also many styles that are made from acrylic. Acrylic is similar to fiberglass but much less expensive, making it an excellent choice for a beginning aquarist.

Glass is also popular for fish tanks. Glass aquariums tend to be more elegant and require more care because of their clear coloration. Many hobbyists prefer to use glass tanks because they are easy to see the fish and because you can easily see your water quality in them. They also look much nicer than rectangular tanks. Because of the clear surface on the glass, you may not even need to use any water treatment since the water will still be crystal clear.

If you are going with a saltwater aquarium, you will want a more elaborate filtration system. Most saltwater fish tanks use a multi-stage filtration system including a protein skimmer. You also need to check frequently that the water is not too high or too low in sodium because both can harm your fish. Fish tanks also typically need to be much larger in order to house all of your fish comfortably.

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