Where Are the Cures For Arthritis in a High Tech Culture? Is it Surgery?

Think About it:

I have suffered from arthritis. How is it, do you imagine, that in a nation with so many technical advances we can have so many diseases that plague us? May I suggest that it is due to greed, lack of education, and misinformation?

I remember many years ago during a doctor’s strike that one of their keynote speakers advised them to go back to work because the hospitals were emptying. In other words, people were getting well and leaving the hospitals because the doctors were not there administering their various pharmaceutical remedies.

Now please do not misunderstand, I am not against The Lost Book of Herbal doctors per se, but on the other hand I do not have to close my eyes to the obvious. For example how many times have you heard the phrase, “The operation was a success, but we lost the patient.”?

It’s Nothing to Laugh About:

It is obvious to me that, for what ever reason, with all of the obesity, illnesses, filled emergency rooms, filled doctors offices, and filled hospitals, that folks are either not educated or they are simply disregarding that education.

Relative to greed in the medical industry, I would simply point to the inordinate amount of class action lawsuits being advertised via the media concerning prescription medicines alone.


I can vividly remember the time that I cracked a rib and another time when my oldest son broke his leg. We were both very grateful for the doctors that attended us and helped put us back together. I likewise remember our doctors specifically telling us that it would take a certain amount of time for our injuries to heal.

I had been aware of an herbal combination that I had previously taken that aided in the healing of ligaments and cartilage damage, which had been recommended by a naturopath. Both my son and I took this herbal combination for our injuries and I purposely kept track of the complete time of the healing process. In each case, it only took one-half of the time that the doctors anticipated that it would take for us to individually actually heal.

So, along the line of nutrition, herbs, injuries and doctors, one of things that I have learned is to make going “under the knife” a last rather than a first resort. This is a conclusion that I personally reached after reading several books on the subject of holistic medicine.

Arthritis is certainly a painful disease that often leads to surgery as an option. Most people that have had surgery for arthritis, which I have met throughout my career as a police officer and as a natural health therapist, have had “multiple” surgeries and have often cried to me that the pain only gets worse after the surgery. After old-fashioned therapies and herbal combinations; I have seen many of them skip and hop away from me while praising God with a smile on their faces.

I sure wish high tech medicine could free me from arthritis. Until then, healthy nutrition that is supplemented with herbs will have to “hold me over.” If you will please excuse me, I have my weekly marathon to run.

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