Popular Math Websites For Kids Ages 6 to 10

Children can never get too much practice in math, especially if the learning can be extended into a learning game. Every child loves games and now the Internet has made it even easier to entice children into learning. There are a myriad of online math learning games, but one must be careful about choosing online games. Below are some popular math websites for kids ages 6 to 10:

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Math Man: Math man is a free online math game that helps students practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Depending on your child’s learning needs, there are opportunities to complete order of operations too. This is a great internet resource to help improve students basic operation skills, which is the foundation to learning other complex math concepts. Math Man is played just like Pac-man and students truly enjoy playing and learning math at the same time Cours particuliers Maths.

Cool Math: Cool Math has a series of games that focuses on various subjects, including strategy, logic, and memory. Upon first glance, it may look like your child will not learn from these learning games, but this is not the case. Children actually do learn business skills and other real-world skills that they need to apply mathematics to their lives. A good strategy to use when exposing your child to this website is to make sure that you pre-select the game for them to ensure that they are practicing the skill that he or she needs assistance with in math.

IXL Math: IXL Math is the best website to have children practice their math skills in a real-world, problem solving setting. Children ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school have the chance to practice skills, which are tailored to their learning needs. All parents have to do is find out which specific skill that their child needs assistance with and can focus solely on their skill or a particular set of skills.

Sheppard Software for Math: Sheppard Software for Math is a one-stop math world that allows children to work on all math skills at the preschool level and beyond. Children can use the website games to practice daily on skills that they have already learned or are about to learn in class.

Children naturally loves to learn and these online math websites will continue to motivate them in learning how to do math. The bottom line is that children will benefit from these popular websites for ages 6 to 10.

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