Smart Phone – It’s More Than Just Email

Until recently, any phone that could receive email on it was considered a smart phone. This email capability was what defined a these devices. Recent improvements in technology, and the ability to pack more in to such a small device, means that a smart phone is now much more than an email and phone call tool. They are also much smaller than they used to be. These devices used to be basically like bricks and not they are quite small. The iPhone 4 is one of the smallest smart phones going around.

Here is what you can do now with a smart phone.

The Ever-Changing World of Smartphones – Human Factors in Modern Technology

It is your entertainment device- My smart phone is an entertainment device. I use an iPhone 4. I can play games (my favourites are NFL, Monopoly and Words with Friends) I can watch videos and listen to music, podcasts and audio books. I also read eBooks. Whatever your fancy, you can tailor your smart phone to suit your needs. For example, there are over 250000 applications that are available for iPhone and you can put your own music on your smart phone. Make it your own redmi note 8!

It is a full communication tool- Think about all of the different ways people now have to keep in touch with you. Phone, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are only the most popular and common examples. That means that there are at least 6 ways that people can possibly keep in touch with you. With applications being developed and operating systems improving, it is particularly easy now to keep in touch with everyone, no matter how they get in touch with you.

It can be your mobile office- Your blackberry, iPhone, Nokia N8 or whatever is your device of choice can now be your office away from the office. On the iPhone for example you can get an application called QuickOffice, which means that you can edit and create documents in Word, spreadsheets in Excel and presentations in PowerPoint. You can respond to emails from clients wherever you are. You don’t need to worry about waiting until you get back to the office. You can even participate in video conference meetings or webinars.

You can’t doubt the importance of email on your smart phone but they can now be so much more. You can take your office with you on the road, you can keep in touch with people in numerous different ways and you can use your phone as an entertainment device. If you haven’t already upgraded, do yourself a favour and get a a new handset today.

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