I Dislike Domainers and the Domaining Industry

I think the statement above is very clear but before I explain my thoughts I should clarify that I am using this in a ‘general’ sense as like everything in life there are good and bad domainers. However I think the domaining industry as a whole is mostly smoke and mirrors with very little substance. So my theme is that whilst there may be a few good domainer’s the domaining industry is not on my list of favourite business sectors.

Firstly I am sure some of you reading this post will not be amused by the comments above and others will quite rightly point out that I have domain names for sale and therefore I am a domainer! Firstly I DO sell domain names and yes I was a domainer. I have domain names to sell that I purchased when I was a domainer and now selling them is just part of my business and I will also be building a network of blog’s on any domains I do not sell best web hosting.

The primary reason I do not consider myself a domainer any longer is that firstly I do not buy domain names to sell anymore and I have seen that domaining is simply a goldfish bowl of domainers selling to domainers. Let’s look at that statement and the total lack of common sense or sustainability in that business model. As an example would a wholesaler of childrens shoes sell to another childrens shoes wholesaler then buy back from a third wholesaler to replenish the stock that had just been sold? NO! They have a chain of manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and then to the customer (end user). Therefore the domain name industry should be Registrar (Manufacturer) to wholesaler (Domainer) to end user but only a select few seem to have worked that out or are able to sell to the end users on a regular basis. I also think that with all the Google updates that the domain itself is not that important and as long as the content is good the business can go with a more brandable name.

Now it is fair to say you also have the ‘elite’ domainers who continually throw the herd tips on how to buy domains and sell them on again but they never reveal the domains they have sold personally. I understand that this is because they need to protect their business and although I do understand that helping another will only ever go so far it also makes you question if they really are selling domains at all? I mean how often have you been in a forum and the guy slating your domain name has ‘just sold a domain name for $x,xxx’ yet your domains continue to be worth $0? It is simply a very small group at the top making money and ensuring the tips they provide keep the herd chasing their tails continuously and getting absolutely nowhere fast! I also appreciate having seen some of the domain names for sale that some really are awful and I doubt will ever be sold. I am sure many people will find fault with mine but I like to think they at least make sense!

So what is the point of this post and rant about domaining? Well it is simply to let out some frustration and to encourage anyone else who is thinking that domaining is a full time business to stop now and either develop the domains you have or just find something else to do. Please stop listening to the experts and take a step back at how the domaining industry works…

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