Holiday Story Cards – Share Your Story With All Your Friends and Family

Tell your holiday story using any one of dozens of superb holiday story card designs. Share the events of the season with all your friends and family. Catch up on old news or relate the new. Either way, you have a complete line of Christmas story cards this year to make that easy.

Start your whale of a tale with the Happy Whale card. Compose your own message. Then let the little bird sitting on the big seagoing traveler carry your message to friends and family.

The Dove Star design features a delicate white bird sitting atop a lovely green tree. That’s the perfect background to set the mood for your tale of holiday joy. Let it be a tale of mystery and wonder as you fill in friends and family on all the wild, wonderful things going on at your home this season 홈타이.

Relate your tale of the season with the Wintery Snowscape story card. A dark background sets a quiet mood so everyone will be ready to drink in your words. Two stylized white pine trees stand in a magic forest to symbolize the magic of your life during this special time of year. Share the story with friends and family.

One cartoon snowman begs another to spare his extra carrot nose in the humorous Cartoon Snowmen design. Create your own fantastic tale while they look on. You’ve got plenty of white space so grab a pen and let this cheerful graphic help you on your way.

Hanging Christmas tree ornaments can be an adventure all by itself. The Ornament Timeline tri-fold card lets you tell everyone about it in triplicate. Put your personalized text inside each colored circle and string them out like a suspense story. Be sure to include a happy ending!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then having four image areas to fill lets you tell a truly epic tale. The Festive Flowers design lets you fill each with a candid shot to create a short movie all your own. Select a delightful shot of each of the loved ones in your home and delight friends and family with the special activities of each character.

The Gentle Forest graphic lets you tell your tale in simple and lovely lines. Stylized deer wander through delicate trees in a colorful wonderland forest. Use the setting to inspire you to new heights of writing. Take up the pen and let your innermost thoughts flow to share your holiday joy with all your loved ones near and far.

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