Cash Flow From Futures Options

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a great income off from your retirement money you have socked away? I know a way you can do it and it can be put on auto-pilot. Yes, there is some risk involved but if you set it up and leave it alone it will take care of you for a long time.

I am talking about selling futures options and pocketing that ever juicy time decay premium that the professional traders like to keep a secret as they sell you their options and you typically have been buying them. Yes, I know futures options can be 선물옵션 risky and this is true, if you don’t pay attention and go crazy but if you pay attention and have a simple trading plan in place you too can be earning that cash flow.

Now don’t go and just start selling futures options on every commodity out there, that is the easy way to the poor house. I am talking about having a simple game plan and sticking to it and earning that premium for your own account. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and have your account increasing 10% a month and you only had to do 1 trade a month? How is that for cash flow? A small fortune can become a large fortune very quickly. If you want to earn 50% – 100% a year then this could be the type of investing you want to learn more about.

Yes, futures options are a little sophisticated and you need to do a little homework but the fruits of your labor are very bountiful and what a feeling to have your account increase in value month after month. Is there a guarantee? No, but the odds are in your favor. If I told you you had a 80% chance to make money and a 20% chance to lose money would you try it? What if I could increase that to a 90% chance to make money and a 10% chance to lose money, how about that? If you used small amounts of money to invest in these odds, you will make large amounts of money. How you ask? Through the amazing leverage that is offered in futures options selling.

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