You Need a Hockey Helmet

An indoor sport that can be played all year round, and is played all year round is hockey. It is played by both youth, teens and adults. The sport requires a lot of equipment to be worn. One key piece of this hockey equipment is the hockey helmet. Hockey helmets protect the one part of the body that controls the rest of the body. This part of the player would be his or her head. Ice Hockey

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The other equipment ice hockey players have to wear do serve the purpose of keeping them injury free from a frozen disc of solid rubber. Just about their whole body is padded. Even the ice hockey skates have steel in the toes to protect the player. Hockey gloves protect the hands. You can get all of these things from different company’s. There are a few names that are above the rest when it comes to quality. These would be CCM for Helmets, Bauer for hockey skates and easton for hockey sticks. Granted all of these company’s make other equipment besides what is mentioned here. They all make an ice hockey helmet.

Unless you are playing professional ice hockey, the hockey helmet you wear during games and practice is required to have a cage on it. A cage will protect the player from inadvertent sticks to the face, screaming slap shots where the player falls to the ice to try and block the shot and from impacts against the boards when checked. Some inexperienced players will sometime ask for a hockey helmet with a cage that will allow them a 360 view. Even with out a helmet on, you can not see 360 degrees.

The price of this equipment will vary by manufacturer and the type it is. A hockey helmets retail price will probably be higher than if you were to search around on the net. A hockey stick may be a different story as it is an awkward shape and may be difficult to ship. Besides, when buying a stick, you want to make sure it is the right length for you.

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