Compare Driving Lessons – National, Local Or Independent Driving School?

So you’ve decided that you finally want driving lessons! With the current financial climate out there every penny has counted more than ever before. So to help you out I have taken the liberty to compare driving lesson prices in my local area. Now just because prices vary doesn’t always mean that the most expensive is going to be the best, and it also doesn’t mean that the cheapest is going to be the worst. Just think about where you would do your supermarket shopping. Why is it that Waitrose is one of the most expensive yet is still in business? ASDA is cheap compared but yet can still supply quality food. Driving School Amsterdam

Driving schools fall in the three categories that I am going to compare prices for. These are major driving schools (RED, The AA and BSM), local driving schools (area based schools that operate 5 or more cars) and independent instructors (operate as a lone tradesperson).

Compare driving lesson prices (correct as of 26/4/2010)

First up are the major driving schools. The AA who pride themselves as the only national driving school with fully qualified instructors (Approved Driving Instructors) have a national average price of £24 per hour. This compares to BSM’s price of from £21 per hour. The BSM price is matched by RED who also lessons from £21. Its important to know that the driving lesson prices compared are all “from” the mentioned amount. These tend to be the lowest price and can vary vastly with RED charging up to £25 depending on area and The AA a massive £27 in some areas. Like all driving schools these three have a variety of offers to make you want driving lessons with them. Note these offers are for a limited period of time and vary on a regular basis. Its very important that from day on you compare prices for what you will be paying once this discount period has expired! It is also worth being aware that RED and BSM operate with some trainee driving instructors, if this is something that would concern you then request an ADI.

In my area I have chosen to price compare two driving schools. These are Dave Miller School of Motoring and 1st Time School of Motoring. The first driving school to be compared is Dave Miller. Throughout Easter they have offered the first 5 lessons for £82 but only to complete beginners. Their hourly rate then increases up to £20, considerably less that the national schools. 1st Time offer their first 4 lessons for just £60 before increase prices to £18.95 until 6pm with lessons then increase to £20.95 after 6pm and at weekends.

To give you further comparison of lesson prices I researched some independent instructors in the SE postcode. The first school is called Corsa U Can and their lessons come in at £21 per hour. Another independent titled Aspen also turns in with the lesson price of £21 per hour. In the area researched lessons compared averages out around the £20 mark.

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