How to access KickAss Torrents (KAT) – Weekly Post

Let us look at some of the tips on how to market your e-books using a viral system of distribution.

The first step is to upload your mini e-book onto many Bit Torrent systems. The Bit Torrent system is a protocol designed to transfer all kinds of files from one computer to another It is markedly different from the http and the ftp systems in which the main server sends the entire file to the client, requiring a lot of bandwidth and server resources.

In the Bit Torrent system, the user downloads as well as uploads at the same time, using bandwidth more efficiently thehiltonian. Bit Torrent is extremely useful when the same file has to be downloaded by many users. This system will allow people from all over the world to download your mini-e-book at the same time.

Most users are under the impression that they are downloading a product free of cost for which they would otherwise have to pay. Users have a favorable opinion about free products. This additional perceived value increases the chance of users reading the mini e-book.

More people would be impressed and willing to work with you if you are offering more incentives. Also, if the product you offer is of high quality, then they are more than willing to spend money on your products. Being generous and giving more than what is expected and consistently offering the best value for money is one of the key principles of successful marketing on the Internet.

Restrict the distribution of your e-book to only a few sites for the first few weeks. This will increase the perceived value of your e-book and also create some exclusivity. If, on the contrary, you decide to distribute your e-book to as many sites as possible with the hope that some site owners will actually read it, you couldn’t be more wrong – it will go straight away to the junk box. Reputed site owners have a great deal of resentment for those who consider them as trashcans. Being exclusive surely pays as it increases the perceived worth of the e-book.

Implement these few tips and effectively market yourself and your company as the experts in your chosen industry. These few tips will also drive highly targeted and committed traffic to your site. You will maximize your reputation while getting your business all over the Internet. You will also be able to effectively create your own private group of customers and affiliates.

We often think great writers just pop up one day out of nowhere: here I am. It doesn’t work that way. Ernest Hemingway had a lot of help with his first four books, to include Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound, and his PH.D., along with F. Scott Fitzgerald. Had it not been for Sherwood Anderson, he might not have even got his first two books out. His style was not created overnight, it was much like Anderson’s at first, yes, and he copied him somewhat. And he allowed Fitzgerald to help him get to know, his publisher, so then he could throw Anderson’s away, and create a parody in his third book on him. We also like to think of Hemingway as the main character in his books, and he is for much of them, but where he puts the fiction, he would never tell, and there is much of it there; reading between the lines and knowing him, is the secret of course.

William Faulkner, was no great author until he got the big prize in 1949, and overnight people started buying his books, the same ones they would never have looked at a year before, he was acclaimed to be a better writer, by many than Hemingway, but then you have to see who is doing the acclaiming. Neither one had a lick of college, that did them any good. And in most of Faulkner’s first editions, you will find one to 13 misspellings, and he likes to talk, go in circles have you study him, usually I can find a few in Hemingway’s also, and James Joyce, forget it, he should have been born when they had spell check. And Edgar Rice Burroughs never knew what tense he was in, until he got to his 50th book in writing, but these are great authors. What made them great?

I’d say a combination of things, events, being in the right place at the right time; having a lot to say, and saying it. Hanging out with the right crowd; money helps, where you are at helps. Colleges can help, prizes can help. Experience and a good imagination can help. Drive can help. A Dictionary is good to have around. Not listening to the clowns that say, “You can’t…!” Observing little things, that is what we are all made up of. If you notice what makes the other person react, it is what you need to put into your story.

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