Nolvadex – An Adverse Experience in Postmenopausal Women

Nolvadex for men has been used by men all over the world to help treat erectile dysfunction and other types of sexual dysfunctions. However, many men are surprised to learn that the Nolvadex tablets can also be helpful for women. Nolvadex contains ingredients such as methenol, and testosterone. These two ingredients work together to help men achieve and maintain an erection.

The most commonly reported side effect of Nolvadex for men is hot flashes. This isn’t necessarily a negative side effect. If a woman takes the recommended dosage of Nolvadex and experiences these flashes, she should see a doctor as her hot flashes could be related to another condition. Another frequently reported Nolvadex side effect is vaginal bleeding. If the vaginal bleeding is particularly dark, it may also be a symptom Nolvadex of another condition. If a woman is pregnant, the possibility of blood clots increases and you should consult your doctor immediately.

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Another common Nolvadex side effect is an allergic reaction to the ingredient in the pill called nolvadex citrate. If you are allergic to this ingredient, there is a chance that you could experience breathing problems or chest tightness. These side effects generally subside over time and are not serious. In addition to the above mentioned Nolvadex side effects, some women experience severe headaches and nausea when they take the recommended dose of the pill. Women who experience nausea and headaches after taking nolvadex should discontinue taking the medication and contact their doctor immediately.

Women who take the recommended dose of the pill also experience an increased risk of ovarian cancer. While the risk for this specific risk is higher, studies have shown that there is still a low probability of Nolvadex-related ovarian cancer. Because of the significant risk for this specific side effect, it is suggested that you keep yourself in good health when you use nolvadex, particularly if you plan to become pregnant or are already pregnant.

Because of these significant health risks associated with Nolvadex, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered the manufacturer, Jansport, to voluntarily discontinue the use of the product. This was done in response to reports of nine deaths related to the use of nolvadex. The manufacturer agreed to the terms and has since released a second version of the product without the Nolvadex ingredient. The new version of the pill contains no known health risk associated with it. The FDA has approved the product as being effective and safe for use in breast feeding women.

In women who are not at risk for any negative side effects of Nolvadex, the odds of experiencing adverse events is quite low. About one percent of premenopausal women experience an adverse reaction to Nolvadex, but this figure is based on very few cases. Adverse events experienced by postmenopausal women may occur due to any of the ingredients contained in the product or because Nolvadex is used in conjunction with a regimen of oral contraceptives. When Nolvadex appears to cause an adverse reaction, any woman who is considering using it should consult her doctor first.

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