Is it a Good Idea to Study at UMassOnline? – University of Massachusetts – An Evaluation

Is it a good idea to study at UMassOnline? What is the University of Massachusetts? This is a simple introduction followed by analysis of the courses offered as well as the financial aid offers to help you decide for online degrees and online education. The University of Massachusetts (UMass) represents five physical campuses of the public university system and network of Massachusetts. We will be looking at the UMassOnline aspect of the University as the focus of this article is on online education. The university system includes the University of Massachusetts Amherst (the flagship campus and main university of the university network), Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell, and the Medical School. Thus the University of Massachusetts is not one single university, but rather a conglomerate of universities. Our focus will be on the online portal for degrees làm bằng đại học offered by the University network – UMassOnline. UMassOnline (University of Massachusetts Online) is considered the same as any physical campuses of the university in the States. Furthermore, there is a blended-learning education system for online degrees that is similar to distance learning, so online systems, norms and the faculty for the University of Massachusetts seems developed and well established.

The university portal offers associate, bachelors, and masters, and postgraduate doctorate degrees. There are many subjects and courses available. For associate degrees in 2008, an associate of science in IT is offered, and in future more than that may be offered. For bachelors, the course programs at University of Massachusetts Online are: bachelors of arts and of science, with the following courses: business studies, criminal justice, journalism, liberal arts, nursing, psychology, business administration, hospitality and tourism, management, IT, and also much more. As regards masters degrees, the courses offered are – special education, health management, management, business administration (MBA), criminal justice, family therapy, mental health counseling, curriculum and instruction, linguistics, and also gerontology, among other degree specializations. For doctorate degrees, only nursing is offered here in 2008. There are many courses and programs at the University, but the main field and best and most extensive educational knowledge seems to be in education and nursing mainly. This is not to say that other programs are not good, because the other courses are good as well, worth long and researched, prolonged consideration.

What about finances? What about loans and scholarships? Tuition fees vary, but just for comparison and evaluation: undergrad courses cost roughly $425 – $1200, and graduate level courses cost around $1390 – $2010. The fees at the University of Massachusetts are reasonable, fair and also very much comparable to other online degree programs on offer in other universities all around the world and also in the USA. UMass itself suggests that it offers the best price and actually even the best value for money. Furthermore, many aid schemes are available such as loans, scholarships and aid from the US government, and also grants for GIs in the US military. More research is needed if financial aid is needed for an online education.

Why should one study here? The University is a good institution to study at. The University is accredited and famous. The physical campus degrees and online degrees are similarly ranked and considered and are indistinguishable. There are good courses offered, and these are in particular relevant and useful courses. The tuition is affordable, and the loans and aid are all available. This university is a good choice, because its range of courses, established track record, reasonable fees with financial aid are good reasons to take it seriously, and also because it is good in nursing and also good in educational concentrations, among many varied subjects. This institution is indeed one of the more reliable, affordable and established universities for various diverse courses. While lacking in associate and doctorate choices, in the fields and offers of bachelors and masters online, the University of Massachusetts is excellent, definitely offering one of the best choices and one of the best prices for online and distance learning. However, I would add the caveat that more research is needed, and I wish you all the best in your online education. Thanks and cheers!

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