Why Do We Choose to Travel?

Trains, buses and airplanes have been in recent years overcrowded with youngsters having a backpack or cabin luggage and determined expression. What are they searching for? What is their aim and destination? It’s time to explore the reasons for this international exodus.

You cannot say that old people don’t travel. I dare say, however, that the aims of students and young people in general differ considerably from old groups. Maybe students want to flee over the borders by the new individuality gained by our early adolescence or our personality formed after the wild period of adolescence. Maybe it is the perpetual denunciation of our parents about everything they couldn’t do when they were our age. Maybe it is the feeling of necessity to escape and free ourselves from everything at once, maybe we just need to find something to attach ourselves to. Or the thing that makes us go is just the incredibly cheap flight fare for the journey… anywhere. Where are students after all try to save each penny.

Holiday adventures

The young people who actually plan their travel at least a little usually go for discovering and adventure. Places teeming with life and people tempt students, but also on the other hand, by deserted landscape of untouched nature. While discovering new places and enjoying wild traveling life there is nothing better than a group of friends with whom you may share every crazy detail you can notice or the silliest ideas you may have on the way. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a group of 5 best friends around, you will do just fine with just one or even with your girl/boyfriend. Despite of all the freedom and relax claims of people who actually do travel alone, to me it’s the saddest thing ever. Be honest and don’t fool yourself… You just need someone to watch your stuff while you’re in restroom or to take picture of you leaning to the Eiffel tower in the air.

International studies

If we overlook holiday journeys seeking fun and exploring, the next strong incentive for escaping our country’s boundaries are studies. Well… studies. I’ m not sure about other parts of the world, but today in Europe the Erasmus program is enjoying such a popularity! I’m sincerely afraid, that the amount of money for this purpose originating in EU funds will be soon higher than all the bailouts for all indebted European economies altogether. To find a partner faculty, to apply, to get a scholarship, to get your suitcase packed and go conquer the world? How cool is that? Moreover, besides the general awareness made by the idea of international work on beer or similar competitions, you can really profit from these exchange programs in terms of getting valuable knowledge in courses that wouldn’t be available in your university. Not mentioning the fact you can finally improve the label of your language skills saying “Fluent.” Your CV can never get any better, can’t it?

Working experience

When the student starts to feel the approaching end of his life (studies), it’s a right time to start balancing. He/She often comes to conclusion that the studied theory or the diploma itself may not impress the HR professional as much as expected. So, what could hit him or her? Experience, maybe. But one cannot find them anywhere below the college desk. To get it it’s essential to consider taking part in internship, training or short-term work chris hsu hedge fund programs. And that is also a good opportunity to spend another couple of months abroad, especially, when you find your country boring. The students search for internship related to their field of study or they choose from possibilities in the destination country of their preference. The work and travel programs in Asia are very popular lately. You can become a language teacher or the hotel receptionist very easily that way. The farm jobs in Australia and professional internship in multinationals in America are the most wanted as well. The large part of these short-term migrating hard workers are the brave Au Pairs that don’t intend to fight crocodiles or yellow fever, nevertheless, they struggle more annoying screaming brats of busy irresponsible parents. But all the troubles and inconveniences are worth it in the end. After all, they’ll see the world and get paid for that.

Life mission

To go abroad for long time or for a lifetime is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions of your life. From my point of view one feels kind of life mission and might lack the right place to realize it. The prospect of successful carrier is what calls us to foreign country, or it is the environment that would inspire you and support you professionally. I can imagine the appeal for atomic physicist coming from CERN, Switzerland. We expect the same excitement from fashion design student, avant-garde Italy attracts him, or from an archaeologist longing for the South American excavations. If the student’s field of study is more traditional ( I’m trying to avoid the term mainstream), he often sets off in the direction “Higher salary.” If the idea of material security drives us beyond the borders, we usually have strong attachment to our homeland and those who we leave there. It is actually possible that we might come back one day. This is at least what they, who kiss us goodbye on our way for riches, think. The next reason for you to leave for good can also be love. You know how it works, to fall in love on summer holidays is so easy, especially, when you then get the feeling of being a romantic hero, who suffers because of never-to-be love. However, the transport cost is dropping constantly despite the rising prices of the petrol, so the story doesn’t really have to end in a tragic way as in a novel. It’s pretty normal, the world is full of multicultural families, bilingual children and grandparents travelling to visit their beloved grandchildren once a year. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, not every from such love stories has a happy ending. Not that I would want to prevent anyone from following his love, go for it!

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