What Exactly is Blogging?

A blog is in other words a web log – a sort of elementary form of an online diary or journal. Nowadays this definition no longer sticks and no one takes it serious. Nowadays blogs and blogging has become a powerful weapon and factor determining the amount of success you wish to have online. It has become a vital form of communication, keeping people updated on thousands of niches and markets all over the world.

For example blogs talking about politics and say for instance the current US Elections have gained great exposure and has also spread the world to millions of people around a certain standpoint. These blogs get flocked to by thousands of people on a regular basis looking for whats hot on a certain issue.

Another market where blogging has certainly sprung to live in the past years is the entertainment business. Blogs focusing on what celebrities are up to and the scandals they are involved in are extremely popular postonmagazine.com. Celebrities are also starting to make use of blogs, creating a bigger fan base and ensuring greater interaction with fans – which in turn obviously boosts their public figure status.

Blogs have become a major online resource for almost anything. Some are more reliable than others, but the fact remains that the internet and blogs in general are on the ball when it comes to news. These news houses focus a lot of their attention on blogs to create and sustain their online presence.

Now lastly businesses have finally realized how important it is to have an active blog online. Benefits of blogs have certainly revealed themselves and it has made it much easier for these businesses to keep their customers informed and updated on new services or product launches.

What is a blog? A blog is an online website where you can write individual posts just like in a diary and also add pictures, videos and other graphics. You can write about anything you want. Choose a subject to write your blog on or write on a group of related different subjects. Did you know that some blogs are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? How can you do the same? It is easier than you think. All you have to do is to write on your chosen subject, include articles by other writers, interesting videos and photos and add links and other banners to your pages. Then promote your blog by adding it to search engines, bookmarking sites, blog directories, commenting on other bloggers posts, in forums and on classified sites. Once your blog becomes popular you will get lots of interested readers. Like this your blog grows in value and before you know it you will have a profitable piece of virtual real estate and you can do it all for free!

Readers can bookmark their favorite posts to their favorites or social bookmarking sites and subscribe to the blog feed. What is a blog feed? Well it shows a shortened version of all your blog posts in one web screen. Google has its own RSS Feed reader where you can subscribe to feeds of your favorite sites and blogs and check through updated news and posts as you like. When you see something interesting you just click on the link and visit the page.

You can blog for free or pay to join blog hosts online. Free popular blog hosts include Google, WordPress, Windows Live, and so many others.

You can even add paid advertising like Google Adsense, EBay, Amazon and other affiliate ads to your blog and earn money.

You can also advertise anything you want on your blog. Keep readers updated about your online business or let them know about any special events that are going on. Let fans know all your band news or even write short stories. In fact blogging is all part of the new internet revolution and is one of the easiest ways to have a website online. All you have to do is write 2 or 3 posts a week and keep your readers interested plus you can use it as your own journal or scrapbook. The possibilities are endless

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