Free Classified Ads For Traffic

Placing free classified ads is a very easy way to promote your products and services online, best of all it is free! Most of these free classified ad sites give you backpage alternatives the power to smooth the progress of placing your ads with classified ad submitter form. Placing your ads this was is a fast way of getting your web site noticed online with no fees attached at all.

You can search for these sites simply by searching online for terms like “free classified ads, free ads, free ads etc.” Many of the top sites for placing ads do not require registration and only require you to verify your ad placement by email. My advice is to find 3 or more web sites you feel comfortable with and place an ad for each of your web sites 4-5 days apart or once a week on each site.

Use your sites keywords in the title of the ad. Many of the sites have high pagerank on Google, which will help your ad get noticed by more people. This is because the ad may end up in the top pages of search results due to your keywords being in the ad’s title. On Google, which we all know is the “Big Dog”; important high-quality sites receive a higher pagerank based on a scale of 1-10. The more unique your niche and keywords are, the better your results will end up being in search engines. If your ad has to do with search engine optimization it will probably not show up as high as if your ad had to do with needlepoint. I hope you get my point.

Three of my favorite sites to post ads are, and All three require no registration to post your ads and collectively get a ton of traffic. As I mentioned before in the previous paragraph, web sites with high pagerank will help your ads get viewed more. Just so you know, craigslist has a pagerank of 8, backpage has a pagerank of 7 and postaroo has a pagerank of 5. If you want to know more about what pagerank is you can get more information by logging onto Google.

The key to getting traffic with these sites is to post your ads every week, week in and week out. Your consistency will pay off. Don’t post an ad one week and expect to get 1,000 hits to your site. But, posting your ads weekly or every 4-5 days will certainly help you out. It only takes a few minutes out of your schedule and will be well worth the effort.

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