Saint Leo University Florida – A Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Saint Leo University Florida began life as St Leo College. It was founded in 1889 by the legislature of the state of Florida who gave to the Order of St Benedict the right to confer academic degrees in the state.

The St Leo History làm bằng cao đẳng

Initially the college was staffed by the Monks of St Vincent of Pennsylvania and became the first Catholic college in the state of Florida. With just 32 students in their first graduating class, St Benedict’s was by no means a large college but it was dedicated to the welfare of the students that it served. That dedication remains one of the reasons why the college has been so well attended and has offered the world so many great educators and business people.

Saint Leo University Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, having earned that achievement in 1967.

In 1994 the first Master of Business program was opened at St Leo College of Florida. The school was renamed St Leo University of Florida in 1999 and later that same year began their online degree program. In a time when online degrees were not worth the paper they were printed on, St Leo University offered an all-encompassing program that was remarkably well-organized and gave a sound education to the students who selected online or distance education.

A Modern, Forward-Thinking University

Today, the St Leo University, Florida offers that same program but with some major differences. They have expanded to house more than 40 different types of online degrees, including their MBA, which began it all. They enroll thousands of people each year in the St Leo University Online educational and degree programs, including military personnel, community college students scattered over several states, as well as students from abroad who choose to learn via distance studies.

The mission of Saint Leo University Florida is to offer you a viable means to gain new skills, new insights, and valuable tools to put you on the cutting edge of business and technology. St. Leo University offers counseling, assistance with tuition and scholarships, grants and other types of aid to help you to get back to school.

The school offers diploma and certificate programs as well as degree programs for the distance learner, opening up an entirely new way to build on your skills and enhance your marketability.

If you’ve ever considered learning something new, ever wondered what you could offer the world with another level of education, ever wished for something just a little more exciting in your career, there is no time like now to get back to school.

A College For All Ages

Non traditional learners include those who are of nearly every age. Students in their mid sixties are taking distance college classes today to give themselves an edge over other job applicants. Saint Leo University Florida offers some pretty cool programs in addition to their MBA, including accounting, criminal justice, business, forensics, sociology, psychology, speech,human behavior, social problems, and numerous degree programs that are simply too many to list.

From your ADN in nursing to your MBA, you can find what you need at Saint Leo University Florida. Don’t just daydream about new opportunities in business, make it happen! For more right-up-to-date information on Saint Leo University and other accredited colleges and online degrees, follow the link to our website below!

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