Using Medicine Balls in Crossfit Workouts

Using medicine balls is one of the earliest forms of strength and conditioning training, comprisingthe use of a weighted ball whose diameter roughly measures 14 inches. When using medicine balls for your Crossfit training workouts, ensure that you choose an overload mechanism of velocity or a combination of weight and velocity. So long as you keep the load small, you have the ability to widely vary the type of workouts you do as well as the combinations of force summation. If this is your goal, you should always use the lighter weight. However, if you are aiming for pure strength through movements which are less complicated, you may use the heavier weights as implements for your strength training.

Crossfit medicine balls may also be used in the “Wall Ball” exercise for a full body weight bearing workout. This exercise is designed to rapidly togel 36 strengthen the core muscles of your abdomen and lower back, while improving your overall condition. Wall Balls are also pylometric and are performed with a definite element of Crossfit burnout or metabolic overload.

During your Crossfit Wall Ball exercises, you will throw the medicine ball upwards against a wall, catch it in a squat position and then explosively spring back from the squat, while throwing the ball back up again. Thereafter, you will squat catch, spring up and throw, squat catch, spring up and throw. You should repeat this sequence as many times as required to achieve the desired results.

To do your Wall Ball, you should begin by facing the wall about twelve to eighteen inches back. The throwing motion is similar to that of basketball and you begin by sinking down and keeping your elbows down with the ball held evenly near the chest. You should always do a full squat which will have your rear hitting the medicine ball as if there is one positioned behind you.

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