Free Credit Reports Equal Free Credit Health Check-ups

Just a few minutes can lead to more than a few “free” credit report programs. Most people don’t know the difference between them. And we have all seen the wacky guy in the pirate hat, playing guitar and singing, “Because my credit was whacked; now I’m driving a used sub-compact.”

So how reliable are these ads? Of the eight top credit monitoring and free credit reporting offers only two of the eight actually deliver all three of the necessary credit scores from Equifax, Experian, and Transunion home depot health check. The other six offered only one score from the three.

Why is this important? Why do we need all three scores? In today’s world, where even many employment opportunities require credit checks, everyone you will deal with checks all three. If you have the score from one but a bad report on another that you’re not aware of, you’re in for some big surprises. The higher your score the better your chances are of getting approved for the loan, apartment, or better job. Imagine getting turned down for a life changing job because just one of your three credit score were low to do errors that you weren’t aware of.

So how free is free credit health? We have all heard the phrase “there aren’t no such thing as a free lunch”? All of these offers come with about the same types of extra services. While your score is free, that alone will not do the job. Identity theft protection and credit monitoring are necessary evils in today’s world. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world with over 10 million cases reported last year. The cost for identity protection is minimal compared to the cost to you and consequences if your identity is stolen. On the low side it runs about $7.50 per month and $14.99 for premium plans that offer triple scores and advanced credit monitoring.

Pregnancy is something which brings the joy in the life of the woman but at the same time it can cause some trouble and worries as well when it comes to the health of the pregnant woman. So, in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy period, there are some preventive measures which must be taken be taken during pregnancy at all costs in order to avoid some drastic consequences.

First preventive measure which must be taken by pregnant women is that she must consider a professional physician or practitioner for her regular check ups. Regular check ups are very important during pregnancy as it will let you know about the progress of your pregnancy and if your body is exposed to any complications, you can get rid of it in a quick time as well. So, always consider professional physicians for regular check ups in order to avoid early stages complications.

On the average for healthy pregnancy, you would need to consume 300 calories everyday which is definitely more than what you consume in normal conditions. Don’t think the food intake is too much and you would gain weight because weight gain during pregnancy is a normal thing to observe and the weight which you would be gaining during your pregnancy won’t be because of the strong diet that you would be consuming during your pregnancy days. In order to ensure a healthy pregnancy, you have to consume an enriched diet. However, in order to remain healthy and in order to avoid excessive weight gain, you must avoid consuming fats as consumption of fats will trigger excessive weight gain during pregnancy which would be more than normal.

During pregnancy, you must ensure that you are taking sufficient amount of sleep as you need to keep yourself healthy during your pregnancy in order to ensure good health of your baby. Negligence from your part can prove fatal for your baby’s health. So, it is recommended that you must get sufficient amount of sleep throughout the day, at least 8 hours on daily basis.

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