How to Successfully Monetize a Blog

You will find many ways to successfully monetize a blog. Whether you are just a beginner or professional blogger, below are some of the tips to steer you to the right direction:

First, you can display contextual ads from advertisers, affiliate networks, etc. Most of these ad networks focus on ad targeting and optimization with online support and advanced technology Sherry Dyson. They will provide you will quality and impression-based ad services using texts, images and inline links. You can even use your site’s relevant contents to promote advertisers’ products using their interactive merchandising kiosks.

Second, you can sell your own products (for example, bags, shirts, etc.) at competitive prices using customized ad designs. You can even convert your blog’s contents to an e-book and let your visitors subscribe to have free copy of it. You will then have a contact list of subscribers when you automatically send new materials for them. You will then generate more page views or traffic in return. More importantly, if your blog readers like your items, they will even share it with their friends.

Third, you can use nonintrusive text-based ads that are more reader-friendly compared to graphic ads. Turn your keywords into hyperlink ads by hosting highly targeted and text-based adverts. You can sell paid-text-links and retain editorial control over their ad post services. Some in-text advertisers do not depend on traffic so you will surely have a steady flow of revenue shares as your monthly payout.

Fourth, you can devote premium, paid content sections for your readers who are willing to pay for information. If you can compile best tips into a good video tutorial, mini-guide, e-book, white paper, and other value-added extras, readers will surely love your blog. You can even charge readers when they received message alerts about your blog’s contents. In addition, you can host events online to get profits for the products of your sponsors. Just make sure that you deliver products your target market is willing to pay for in order to monetize a blog such as yours.

Fifth, you can use RSS ads as a specialized ad platform for your readers to react on interactive triggers, video options and mobile appropriate ads. Blog-focused ad networks will allow you to place advert directly into your contents to show on your feeds. Some publishers will even make use of text link ads where their ads are simply embedded in your RSS feeds.

Sixth, you can use your status as a successful, professional blogger. Showcase your resume as a talented article writer for corporate websites, blog networks and news site to hire you. Consider also inviting fellow bloggers as guest writers to your blog for minimal fees. You may even host or accept online speaking engagements for teleconferences, seminars, meetings and similar events for your readers. You will get paid for sharing your knowledge as an expert freelance blogger.

Seventh, you may politely ask your readers for online donations when you have high quality and valuable contents. Your loyal followers and subscribers will surely support you as long as they receive information they want from you. Make sure to use secured online payment systems where you put a widget for accepting donations.

There are other ways for you to successfully monetize a blog such as yours such as by marketing your services, deepening your customer relationship, sponsoring posts, making a branded video, etc.

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