Are You Blogging Everyday?

Also known under the name of blogaholic, the person which has become addicted to his/her blog and has read many of the other blogs available on the internet has several specific features. These features have been individuated by no others than the blogaholics themselves, in a more or less ironic manner.

In what follows the readers will find a list with the most common features of a blogaholic. The main characteristic of those that have been captured by the virtual space is that they spend more time writing about their on their blog than they actually live They hear news about their friends only by reading their blogs and talk to them only by posting comments on the above mentioned blogs. Following the same line, the blogaholic does not answer the phone, letting his/her parents know about his/her condition only by means of the articles posted on the personal blog.

The blogaholic is always concerned about the statistics and about the number of people that have visited his/her blog in a day, a month or a year and he/she is in constant search of methods that could improve the traffic of his/her blog.

To achieve his/her goal of making the personal blog one of the most visited sites the blogaholic is always in search of new topics that will get people’s attention and sleeps with the notebook besides the bed so that none of the thoughts that cross his/her mind should pass unwritten.

As it happens with all the specialists, the bloggers, and especially the blogaholics have adopted their own language and talk in this slang with everybody. Words such as WYSIWYG, blogosphere, RSS Feed and blogrolling would certainly puzzle any outsider.

Such people usually have more friends on the internet, known of course by means of their blogs than real friends with whom to go out with. This is reasonable if we think that they are more interested in spending their time blogging then going out.

Try and picture what the blogger’s lifestyle is like. They work in their own homes, or wherever they can get access to the Internet. Their schedule is one that they make up as they go along, with no boss, no meetings, and no deadlines but those that they impose on themselves. Theirs is a life of ease and simplicity. The only downside seems to be, how to get paid for this?

Well here’s the good news. Anyone can start a blog or two, and then make money to blog. Don’t believe me because it sounds too good to be true? There are literally millions of dollars spent each year on advertising on the Internet. I know firsthand that it’s possible for many people, and even you can make money to blog.

Many people read blogs. A recent study by eMarketer found that 54 percent of Internet users in America read at least one blog per month. In contrast, only 41 percent read a MySpace or a Facebook, and less than that read a wiki-type site, or a YouTube-type site. This is a startling fact for some people, but it gives a clear indication of just how many people there are reading blogs. And that number can only go up, as more and more people connect to the word wide web. If you take advantage of this traffic, you could be making a decent income from ad revenue, and that income will likely go up with the increase in Internet traffic.

If you want to stop working for someone else, you owe it to yourself to learn how to make money to blog. Look for this skill on the Internet, find a good teacher willing to share their secrets, and begin raking in the money!

A blog is a popular type of content management system, and the medium is taking on a life of its own online.  Blogs are not just popular because they can be fun, they are also a powerful and convenient means of publishing content online and distributing your brand’s marketing materials.  These days, every business needs a presence on the internet, and a blog can be one of the quickest ways to accomplish this while encouraging your fans, friends, and loyal customers to assist in the online marketing process.

The first major benefit to creating a business blog is that it is easy to accomplish.  Since the development and design is replaced by free software, the most technical aspect of the process is installing the existing scripts and data to a server that is connected to a domain and accessible from the net.  Most hosting providers help facilitate this installation, and many will even assist in the registration and DNS settings of a new domain name. 

Getting the framework online and accessible might just take an hour or two for someone who has never done it before, but filling the site out with content is more of an ongoing process that is never quite complete.  While this can mean a lot of work in the long run, it is also one of the major strengths of a blog.  All sites need to add fresh content to stay relevant to the search engines and social media communities that generate traffic, so the ease with which new content can be added is a major bonus.  Every time your business runs a new promotion or special deal, a blog post can be written up about it in just a few minutes. 

Regular readers can even be notified in real-time about such updates through technology like RSS feeds and email updates through FeedBurner.  Loyal customers and readers will often even promote their favorite blog sites.  If the posts are interesting and relevant to a particular online community, news of a new page can spread like a wildfire across the web.  The links that point back to your business’s blog will also carry over to the main pages of your business site’s sales page:  eventually, this can mean that the search engines will deliver qualified leads and interested potential clients. 

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