OK Magazine

OK magazine is a huge phenomenon around the world and specializes in celebrity gossip and news. Since launching in April 1993 in the UK, the magazine has over 30 million readers and appears in 19 different countries factoryextreme.com. Some of these countries include India, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria. The magazine was originally intended to be marketed and sold monthly. Due to its high success in 2006 it was decided to publish it weekly. The magazine also has two other magazines inside it called hot stars and OK USA. You can also read OK online, and follow the magazine with twitter and face book. With more people, using their computers and this type of technology to keep up to date with news and gossip, this was a good step for the magazine to take.

OK Magazine is most well known for its exclusive interviews and weddings. The magazine also is very popular for reporting engagements and pregnancies of the top celebrities. Often the stars will sign exclusive contracts with OK magazine, ensuring they have the gossip and news before any other magazine. Some of the most featured celebrities are Jordan aka Katie Price, Peter Andre, Kerry Katona and the Beckhams, these all feature regularly in the magazine.

The magazine had a policy for many years to only publish positive celebrity profiles. Brittany Spears changed that when her interview with the magazine in 2007 went so badly wrong. Brittany’s behavior was classed as so erratic that the magazine decided to break their policy and publish it. OK magazine then went on to interview her mother and sister and were the first magazine to publish the news regarding Jamie Lynn being pregnant. Brittany went onto do a second interview in 2008; she discussed her erratic behavior and said it was all behind her, which lead to a much more positive interview being published.

OK magazine is most famous for its celebrity weddings. Its biggest celebrity weddings to date are, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Victoria and David Beckham and Jordan and Peter Andre. The magazine is also well known for covering more than one wedding on the same day, and has in the past been able to cover and publish up to 3 celebrity weddings in one edition. Jade Goody is the most featured celebrity she did many interviews and photo shoots before her tragic death in 2009. She holds the record for being on the front cover every week during 2009. There were 2 issues following her wedding. The magazine also published editions, with her on the front page for her christening, her tribute special, and one after her death.

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