Purchasing Online? Tips for a Perfect Fit for Your Stylish Girlie Quartz Watch

Faced with a dilemma, yes that girlie-fashion quartz watch looks gorgeous. You love it! You can’t wait to receive the cute time piece via mail order, and to just slap it onto your wrist. Perhaps you’ve already made a purchase, or you are still weighing out your options?

Whichever stage of purchase you are at, there’s no escaping some pretty cracking questions. You torment yourself, “Once the stylish girlie-fashion quartz watch arrives… will it?”

  • Fit on my wrist size? Will it,
  • Match my face?
  • Match my height, weight?
  • Match my outfits?

Girl. These are torrid questions to attempt answering when the fashionable time piece is halfway being shipped to you. Still you fear it will just not fit anyway, and that perhaps… you are a bit helpless and there’s nothing you could have done about it.

Well, that might not be entirely correct… if you have not made purchases yet, there are several test and fit routines you can perform at home for that hot leather strap quartz watch, well before you place your order.

So what needs to be done before you place your online order?

I would say, follow the simple steps outlined below, and you are so very covered-:

  1. Girl… start by measuring your wrist size.

Yes. It’s best you use a flexible tailor’s tape measure. Strap it into a fit, as loose as you would prefer, just below your wrist bone, where the classy watch will sit.

You don’t have a tailor’s tape measure? Okay. Don’t stress, you may also use a strip of paper, just mark where your wrist ends, then measure the paper markings against a ruler.

Your wrist size might be thin, slender, medium, or thick. For girls, 14-16cm is considered very thin. 16-17cm is somewhat medium and standard, whilst 17cm-18cm and above is a thick wrist.

Most grown up girls (age up to 28) have wrist sizes in the 16-17 cm range. This is the standard wrist size range for most fashion savvy boho-chic quartz watches as well.

Now, you should check to see if the girlie-fashion watch you intend to buy, has strap bands that have a length between 18cm to 27cm. That way, your baby g watches wrist size is perfectly covered, and you will have the extra band length as comfort for a just-good-enough strapping into the buckle.

  1. Now… let’s measure your height/weight/body structure.

Do you have a thin frame? And matching thin wrists? And are you considered chic-tall? Then girl… wearing a big watch will certainly accentuate your scrawniness.

It’s kind of, the same look you’ll get if you wear oversized clothes. You see, they may fit your height, but they’ll still look baggy and large if you don’t fill them out.

However, girl… if you’re tall and have proportionate mass, but just happen to have disproportionate little elf-wrists, then a watch that matches your frame and isn’t too much larger than your wrists alone, would probably be fine.

  1. And now girl… let’s consider the outfits to wear with the watch.

North America office girls have a culture for wanting to look strong and assertive. Whilst European office girls tend to like looking a little bit demure.

Girls in North America prefer dressy quartz watches that may be a bit larger in case diameter (around 40-42mm), whilst smaller case diameter watches are preferred in Europe, Australia and Latin America (from 25-38mm).

Hot-chic fashion watch trends are also available for larger women in North American. So a bigger size may look more trend setting for them. Whilst the rest of the world’s girls prefer “dainty” size, classic quartz watches.

I would say… it’s really down to preference. Some girls have a tiny wrist at 5″ and yet feel vibes wearing a 33mm case diameter quartz watch, and still feel that it’s “just the right size.” And that it’s appropriate for workplace and dressy events.

Now girl… at this point, can you go ahead and choose the fitting size for your girlie-fashion quartz watch?

No, not yet. You still need to determine the watch’s features. Let’s start with the-:

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