10 Fantastic Ideas For Your Blog Posts To Attract Volumes Of Traffic

It is often difficult to continue to come up with fresh, unique and interesting ideas for your blogs so here are 10 suggestions which will provide a source of constant material.

1. Your favourite type of music. Regardless of what your post is about, inserting a random post about yourself will give a connection to your readers and demonstrate you are human.

2. How to… posts. People are always looking for information. My boyfriend is constantly scouring YouTube to find videos on carrying out car maintenance mywebmagazine.co.uk. He always finds the answer, even if it takes an hour or more to find.

3. Starting from scratch to create a website. You have already done it with your own blog post so teach someone else to do it explaining how to obtain a domain name, get web hosting then start to build your site.

4. Membership sites and the benefits of joining. As part of most bloggers progression, membership sites are fantastic for providing support, forums for ideas and continued reassurance for those lacking confidence in what they are dong. Explain the benefits you have received from being part of a membership site.

5. Types of information products and how they can earn you an online income, such as leaflets, newsletters, ebooks, YouTube videos, audio files. Also guidance in their creation, using themes, adding pages and links.

6. Inserting images into your website and giving step by step instructions on how to do this. Whether it is using your own photos or finding pictures online. How to increase and decrease their size but keep their proportion.

7. Where to get free images for your website from stock photo websites such as Dreamslike, Stockphoto, etc. or even upload your own photos to sell and make commissions.

8. Good news stories of people overcoming adversity, ill-health, confidence issues and other such struggles then providing inspiration to others which people can relate to, comment on and even provide posts on their own stories.

9. Installing and using WordPress. Most people creating websites and blogs will be using WordPress but will need basic information to get started. Use screengrabs or videos tutorials to provide advice on this.

10. Ways to save money. Research the net and identify ways for anyone to save money, linked specifically to your niche and list them on your post. Everyone looks to buy cheaper but better products or even free offers. Comparison sites offer commissions for referrals.

Of all people in the world I was easily one of the most pessimistic about computers, the Internet and now that I even know they exist-blogs. I think blogs are pretty cool but I never thought I could have one. I thought the processes of getting a site; domain name and the actual building of the blog would just be out of my league. I’m a complete novice when it comes to technology, but I do like writing a journal, and I thought having a journal on-line would be both fun and make life simpler for me. No more writing with pens, other people can read my stuff and comment on it, and I could add pictures to illustrate my points and make things look more interesting.

Well, now I’ve got one! It’s awesome. I won’t lie and say it was easy, but I think if you hook up with a good web hosting company it’s not such a daunting experience as you might expect. I got a few work mates to help me. I went through a couple administrative hitches when filling in my personal information forms for the registration-just because I’m a bit silly in the head. We had a little trouble with the blog program we used, but these challenges were eventually overcome. My boss says he’s going to make a simple program that people can hook up easily.

This article is designed to teach you how to profit from blogging, writing to a website in the form of regular posts, without spending anything. The keys to this idea lie in two of Google’s programs, Blogger.com and AdSense.

The first obvious step is to find a niche. While it is possible to have a general interest blog, it may not be as profitable as targeting a specific subject (click here to read the logic behind targeted advertising [http://www.clickfordeals.net/index.php/the-logic-behind-niche-content-profits]).

Once you settled on a subject you like, its time to set up your blog. Blogger.com is great for beginners. Not only is it free (and free of ads, unlike most free hosting services), it has integrated support for AdSense (more on this later). For now, pick a suitable but catchy name and choose one of the pre-made designs.

Of course, now you have to start making posts to your blog. There are two main types of posts. The most common type of content on blogs seems to be commentary plus a link to the actual news source or website of interest. Then there are original content posts which will have others link to you (much like you do in your commentary posts). Either way, make sure its interesting to have readers coming back.

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