Shift Scheduling Software for Restaurants

In the modern age most restaurants are moving to computer software top automate the way shifts are assigned to employees Mercy smart square. This can save the manager hours of work each week. Due to the widespread use of the internet most shift scheduling is now web based which means the schedule can be arranged from any internet connected computer.

The shift manager can create the schedule usually using the previous schedule as a template. They enter the amount of employees required for the shift, the employee type (waiter/waitress, cook etc.) and the shift start and end time. The employees can also enter when they are available to work. Therefore the system only allocates shifts to employees when they are free to work. Previously the manager may have had to contact the employee directly to find out what shift times were suitable.

In restaurants the shifts staff are assigned are frequently changing due to being in full time education or other commitments that have changing hours. Therefore to be able to easily login from their home computer to see when they are working is a great advantage.

In addition modern shift scheduling software allows employees to add request for what shifts they would like to be allocated. If more employees than required for that shift apply the employees with the highest ranking will get the shift. Since employees are now actively involved in the process of what shifts they are given they are a lot more satisfied with the end result.

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