The Importance of Horoscope Matching

We all do it, we read our Sun sign horoscope in the newspaper, in the back of magazines, or on-line. Sometimes it seems relevant, (if we were born at sunrise there’s a better chance it will be), but unless it directly addresses something we are going through, we forget it a few minutes after reading it.

Sun sign columns are NOT MEANT to give a comprehensive picture of your life, because your Sun sign is something you share with millions of other people. Even so, it’s a fun to spend a few minutes checking into the divine dimension of our lives through a horoscope forecast.

Though we know that Sun sign astrology is astrology “lite”, we keep reading our horoscopes anyway. Even I do it, and I’m a professional, traditional western and Vedic astrologer (Sun sign columns are typically modern western astrology). Whether we read them seriously, or just for fun, there is a way to get a LOT more out of it.

When you read your favorite horoscope, don’t just read your SUN sign, but read your MOON sign, and your ASCENDANT sign too (I give you easy instructions on how to find out your Ascendant and Moon signs for free, later in this article). Here’s why:

As I am on a quest to find great astrology sites online, I found the site if famous UK-based astrologer Jonathan Cainer. Horoscopes are his specialty, but he also does Tarot and I Ching readings. Funny, that I do have a Tarot deck of cards, but I hardly use it: the online version is easier and somehow it gives me more confidence in the outcome than my own reading.

Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes are divided in several segments: the free sun-sign based horoscopes on his website; the paid versions where he takes your date of birth into account, and the numerous daily and weekly horoscopes which are published in newspapers and magazines all around the world. His horoscopes are even translated into Japanese for a mobile phone application!

One thing I like about Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes and his website, is that they are easy to read. His interpretations are clear and concise, and they are fun to read. However, I want to put a critical note here: The Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes in newspapers and magazines are solely based on the sun signs, and that means that they can never be very accurate. For serious astrology you NEED your birth time, and you can imagine that it would be a strange world if we could divide all the people on this earth into twelve groups, and the people within each group would have the same challenges and opportunities each and every day as the others. Not possible, I suppose that you agree.

What I find a pity, is that Mr. Cainer does not explicitly state the limitations of sun-sign-based astrology. If you visit his website, and you don’t know a lot of tuvisomenh astrology, it would seem that he can give you accurate interpretations is he just has your date of birth. He even does a section which he calls “Find out something exciting about your friend” – and in which he cleverly fills in the name of your friend in a “personalised reading”. Needless to say that the reading is just a description of the character traits that the sun-sign of the person whose name you put in the box allegedly would have – and in my opinion, this almost never really fits.

I have to be honest, I have not tried out Mr. Cainer’s paid readings. His Tarot and I Ching readings are cheap (but not free); I wonder if it is a real person casting your stones or drawing your cards, or if it is one of the usual computer programs which do online readings. That in itself does not have to be a problem, I found many computerised online readings amazingly accurate, but before I spend my money I would like to know what I get!

Jonathan Cainers Horoscopes are famous, maybe more famous than they should be, given the fact that other astrologers do at least as qualitatively good jobs, and many sites give free Tarot and I Ching readings. Obviously, Mr. Cainer is a celebrity astrologer, and people do like the fact that he is famous himself and that he works for the famous. I would suggest however, to look around. There are many good astrologers, and it is well worth to have a try here and there before you order a paid reading.

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