Virginia Tech Hokies Football Aka Beamer Ball

Virginia Tech football, better known as Beamer Ball named after their longstanding coach Frank Beamer, started out the 2010 football season on a down note. Last year in the opener they lost to eventual national champs Alabama, this year another tough loss in a close game to Boise State. Boise State, an up and rising star in the NCAA college football ranks, scored a touchdown late in the game to upset Virginia Tech in what was considered a “home” game for Tech being that the game was played close to the Va Tech campus.

Last year after their opening loss they rebounded to win 10 games, so though it’s a tough loss to swallow, putting them behind the 8 ball in concerns for a national championship, the only real thing alluding Frank Beamer, they have shown a strong backbone in recovering and thriving as the season goes on.

Just the previous two seasons VT won back to back ACC championship games against Boston College and Beamer has had one chance at the big time, when he played Florida State for the 1999 football BCS championship in the Sugar Bowl, but came up short after a valiant effort falling 3 scores behind FSU early in the game.

Beamer Ball on Special Teams is like tailgating to fun, food and games before, during and after the VT games in Blacksburg Virginia pii_email_8953fcff2f2c1d49fbad. Nothing like the atmosphere and anticipation of watching a quality program that Beamer has built up over a 20 year period, one of the longer tenured coaches. Beamer has been at VT since 1987, before getting the job at his alma mater, he was the coach at Murray State for 6 years and in his last year there they were Ohio Valley Co-Champs.

Now in his 23rd year at Virginia Tech, Beamer with a record of 187-92-2 and 17 consecutive bowls, he’s becoming what Bobby Bowden and Tom Osborne were in the 90’s, a great coach without a National Championship on his resume. A lot of people throughout the country are pulling for coach Beamer to get his “one” to elevate an otherwise great running tenure at a top of the line ACC championship school.

With quarterback Tyrod Taylor, a very capable, mobile, presence in the pocket, VT will generally be in every game with their usual great defense. The past game with Boise State, 3rd ranked team in the nation, was hopefully more of an aberration, they should be favored and win most of their remaining games. So get out the tailgating items, fun and frivolity and root for your favorite teams and if your team is Virginia Tech, you’re in good hands with Frank Beamer.

Even though they suffered a bad loss to a division I-AA foe, which for all intents and purposes will end their chances for a national championship this year, they still can recover and win the ACC and play in a BCS game. The last time they lost 2 straight openers was in 1995 they went on to win the next 10 to finish 10-2, also winning the Sugar Bowl.

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