The Importance of the Creative Call and Design Brief

Just like every profession in the world today, graphic design has a process. There are certain steps a designer must take to create a successful communication for the client’s business. Without these basic yet important steps, the final product, whether a 100 page website, a brochure, or a logo, will turn out lacking elements the client needs to push their brand forward and give them an extra edge against their competitors. The essential idea behind graphic design for business is to create a visual identity that will differentiate the company from its competitors and highlight the company’s unique and positive qualities. If a company is doing everything right in terms of its business, but is still turning up short, it very well could be from a lack of successful communication of what their business does and why people should choose them over their competitors. If a business can realize that their brand communication might be an issue and seeks design help, it is the first step in the right direction. Once the initial outreach has been made to a design firm, the design firm will begin the alignment of business and creative goals of the project to get it underway. This marks the beginning of the design process, in which the first step includes a creative call and design brief.

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You may be wondering what a creative call or design brief actually is. If you already know, then you might be wondering what the value of a creative call or design brief has in relation to your business’ brand and website home improvement. The purpose of this blog post is to familiarize you with these two terms and how they align the business aspects of a rebranding or new website with the creative aspects of the project.

A creative call is a phone call between a new client and a design firm in which the client and the designer can discuss both the business and creative goals in a potential brand or rebrand or website design or redesign. This call is helpful because the designer can speak directly to the client and get important information about their business and their creative preferences as they relate to their business. The call will also build a stronger relationship between the client and designer, which will set up for better teamwork throughout the process.

In the beginning of the project it was good because the design was clear to all. However, the new design was changed twice which confuses the design team and made them weary of continuing the project. The marketing team pre-printed some brochures though they are worried of the outcome. The sales team found out that they lost commissions, they passed the blame to the design team. When the people in management knew this they gnashed their teeth and in anger rained down memorandums in the company for the reason that their budget is running over.

Sounds familiar right? You might think that functionality is the main purpose of a product but the design of the product also plays a vital role. Although the process in design does not always run well and there are major things that needs to be fixed. The things below are the Deadly Sins of Product Design which you must avoid in order to keep your design beautiful and in line with its purpose:

Tunnel-Vision: Keeping up with a need while creating another one

A good concept in design certainly solves a problem and meets a need. It seems so easy to make a design but the important thing is you have to make one which will not create another problem. An example could be a pair of hedge clippers. Putting a safety lock into the cutters will solve any potential problem. However the user of the scissors should avoid the lock to slip into its original position which locks the scissors so he needs to hold it in a certain way which might not be too comfortable for the user. Be watchful on the design since it greatly affects the purpose of the product.

Glitter: Nice design but costly and impossible to make

Any person that loves designing products wants to have that brainstorming environment where spontaneity and art abound. Making new concepts of design is fun and not a boring one. You can have fun in design making but you need to stick with your goal and that is to make a good design. Generally, product companies go to design firms for the design of their products, however these design firms do not have technical expertise. In the end of it you will find that the beautiful designs that you have made are impossible to produce or they are very costly to make. Thus, it is important to know your budget and resources and use them wisely.

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