Joker Wild Computer Card Game Review

Finding a great collectible gift for the Dark Knight Joker fan on your Christmas list is sure to be a hit! Along with the huge success of The Dark Knight Batman movie this past summer came a ton of joker related products flooding the market. Collectors and fans alike soon demanded more and more Joker Heath collectibles and the manufacturers met those demands. Choosing a gift is just a matter of which item is best suited for your needs. Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing.

Joker Action Figures: These are very popular with both big boys and little boys! The detail on some of these figures is quite impressive and the packaging can be interesting too, adding to the value as a collectible. There are several figures that are already very collectible and hard to find as they were either pulled from the shelves early for a new choice in the สล็อตออนไลน์ joker face makeup or simply ran their course and replaced by a new style. A nice quality action figure is always appreciated by the recipient.

Tee shirts: The t shirt is an American favorite and as you can imagine there are hundreds of Joker designs and sayings readily available for purchase. Most likely you are familiar with the famous “Why So Serious” line you see scribbled in lipstick across a dark background. Tee shirts are always fun and practical too. They can make treasured gifts if you find a one of a kind handmade shirt. This is very possible as there are many artists using their unique talents to create some beautiful original shirts and hoodies that nobody else is going to have. These are both Joker collectibles and works of art.

Autographs: With the unfortunate and untimely death of Heath Ledger it’s just simple math that his autograph will only increase as time goes on. Finding an original Heath Ledger autograph is still reasonably attainable depending on what his signature is written on. A signed Dark Knight poster will be much more valuable and harder to find than an autographed poster from The Patriot. A nice framed print is an alternative that will be much less expensive and still make a great gift for an avid Heath Ledger Joker fan.

The Joker Knife: Even with Halloween long gone this is still the most sought after movie prop from the Dark Knight Joker villain. Knives in general are very collectible to begin with and this knife is no different. There are the screen accurate collectors editions to consider, complete with certificate of authenticity and display case as well as very affordable “close to the real thing” that will also make a great gift without emptying your wallet! These Joker knives can be a little more difficult to obtain depending on supply but will make a great piece for someone wanting to add to their Dark Knight Joker collection. There is also a 1/6 scale joker knife prop that is made for the action figures. These are unique and make great stocking stuffers for sure!

Joker Heath Paintings: Just like the tshirts, there are artists creating some beautiful paintings for Dark Knight Joker collectors and Heath Ledger fans. From Pastels, charcoal, acrylics and just about anything a creative artist can conjure up there are Joker Heath masterpieces being created daily. From huge wall hangings to 8 x 10 framed pencil sketches this type of gift is definitely unique and one of a kind that is not soon forgotten!

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