Dress Up Dolls – Remember the Dolls You Played With When You Were a Child?

Remember when you were a little girl, and you would spend hours to play kids dress up dolls? Back then, there was no internet or computer to add more choices or creativity to your dress up doll activities らぶどーる. You could buy paper dolls with matching outfits and different facial expressions to choose from to layer over your paper doll. There were only a few popular brand names back then, the most popular being Barbie paper dolls. The only problem with that nostalgic play era, was the tabs usually ripped at some point, so your paper dolls didn’t last too long.

Of course, girls back then also had their fun with Barbie dolls. Girls would spend hours searching for the perfect dress or gown to dress up their Barbie with. The highlight of any girls day was to play kids dress up dolls. Today that is still a popular activity, but thanks to the internet, there is so much more to do. Here are just a few of the fun dress up activities are available online:

Internet paper doll – There are dozens of characters to be found online, that you can print and cut out to make your own paper dolls. Barbie is still a popular and much loved play character, but there are many more to choose from. There are Berenstein Bears for example, where you can choose which character you would like to print (Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Sister and Brother) and then you can select which outfit you would like to dress them in, and print it.

Internet dress-up games – There are some websites in which you can play a dress-up game online. Some of the games involve a much larger choice to work with. You can play kids dress up dolls, or even decorate their houses. Some of the houses can be decorated inside and out, so you can create the scene for your dress up dolls to hang out in. You can also add accessories to dress up your dolls, such as jewelry, makeup, and much more.

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