How to Design a Perfect Fit Custom Golf Putter

As an avid golfer since age 13 and I have enjoyed many rounds of golf from coast to coast, from Bay Hill to Pebble Beach. I played golf for the University of Florida in the late fifties and early sixties where I got to watch a lot of great college golf by Doug Sanders, Tommy Aaron, Frank Beard, Bob Murphy, Andy North, and Andy Bean.

Custom metal parts

Long before the first metal wood was introduced, I began playing golf in 1952. And I have been involved with putter testing since the very beginning sheet metal bending services. From the early blade putters like the “Bullseye” up through today’s latest Odyssey Two Ball, Titleist Futura and Gurin Rife models. With my aerospace engineering and product manufacturing background I have always experimented with different putter designs trying to find ways to improve.

Let me tell you, there have been many changes, additions, and discoveries related to putting since my early golfing days. I have personally tested hundreds of different putters and have hit tens of thousands of test putts. Of course it has helped to have my own personal test putting green in my backyard.

With my engineering background I felt that putter designs were not taking full advantage of the physics of motion nor of the design technology available. But, with a full time engineering career and a family, I did not have the time to really pursue my ideas for putter improvements until I retired. When I retired in 1998 I founded Golf Lab, Inc so I could pursue my dream of developing the ultimate game improvement putter. I converted my garage into a Putter Research and Development Lab by adding a variety of machine shop tools and test instruments.

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