Guide to Finding a Manila Condo, Philippine Condo That’s Right For You

If you’re in the market for the best Philippine condominium, there are plenty to choose from, developers boast of their condo’s sterling location, features and amenities, but what counts is how your unique lifestyle will fit your chosen condo’s unique attributes. Much like finding a partner, it’s all about compatibility gay bar metro manila. Consider the elements of these condo locations below:

If you would like to come home to picturesque views of the Manila bay sunset, then you may opt for a Manila condo or Malate condo. Awe-inspiring vistas of the bay and its vast breadth will calm and soothe every harried soul after a long day at work. Retirees or empty nesters would love to look out from their balconies or windows and breathe in the spectacular sunset scenery in front of them. Returning balikbayans will relish the more relaxed pace of city living in these Manila condos and Malate condos. People who have offices in Manila and Malate would also savor having the best of both worlds as they go about their early morning routine without braving the frenetic traffic of the major CBD’s, while still enjoying the convenience of being near major shopping malls in Manila.

To add, if you particularly love a sense of culture and community, where the environment is relaxed, the people know each other, the conversations are light and earthy, where the mood is light, then you will appreciate living in a Malate condo. There is a defined culture here, from the hallowed halls of the Cultural Center of the Philippines to the down-to-earth feel in the restaurants and bars, a bohemian-like ambience to every place you go. This is the place to be and the condo to choose for people who like to commune with other people, for the free-spirits and the easygoing individuals.

Choose Malate Crown Plaza if you want a condo with the most value, ready to occupy, and conveniently close to every landmark in Malate. Adriatico Grand Residences if you want to be literally across the street to Robinsons Place Manila, the largest shopping mall in Manila. Mayfair Tower, if you wish to be near the US Embassy and like your amenities to be more than the usual, a notch above the standard. Ivy Hill, if you’re a student of nearby universities DLSU, St. Scholastica and others.

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