Cruise Ship Myths

A few years back cruise ship vacations started to become all the rage. There has been an explosion of new ships on the market and a lot of advertising about them. Along with this trend has also been an explosion in what I call the “cruise vacation myths.” I want to look at three of the biggest myths and attempt to dispel them. Many of our friends who have not cruised use these as reason why cruising is not for them. The big three:

1) I’ll feel trapped
2) It will be boring
3) There will be too many people

I’m trapped aboard a ship in the middle of the ocean or sea. To deal with this myth, I will point to the many different itineraries offered by the cruise lines. I would recommend picking a trip that docks everyday or that stays several days in one port. These are more like floating hotels. I personally enjoy the new port everyday scenario but have done both. River cruises are especially suited for those who might feel closed in. Most of them stop all day, only travel a few miles to the next port, and keep you in sight of the shore.

As to myth number 2, what would you consider boring? Onboard the mega ship you can play sports, attend art auctions, go to Broadway type shows, eat 淘寶大型集運 at a variety of restaurants, play video games, watch movies, learn about the ports you be stopping in… In other words, the list can get a long as you want it. Even small ships offer their own entertainment. I have seen local group performances and taken part in many in-depth discussions with my shipmates.

You might be surprised to learn that even the big ships have learned how to make large groups of people feel like small ones. The only real bottlenecks come when passengers have to be ferried to shore. But proper planning can smooth that process. On board, you can avoid the crowds by figuring out the right place to be. If you want quiet space on deck, there are secluded nooks and crannies. I you want an intimate meal; you can have room service or get a table for 2. The point is that you can get away from the crowds on even the largest cruise ship and make it your vacation.

Many skeptics have given rise to many myths. As a veteran of over 20 cruises, I have had experiences that will bring a lifetime of great memories. If you are still uncertain about whether cruising is for you, take one of those 3 day cruises to test yourself. I firmly believe there is cruise ship vacations designed for every lifestyle. Check out the possibilities.

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