Are Solid State Drives Taking Over?

Solid state drives are the new in-thing these days cheap ssd drives. But little did we know that the technology used in these drives has been around for quite some time but has only recently been commercialized. This article will focus on what an SSD is and what its benefits are for future users.

Solid state is a term coined for electronic circuitry that is totally built out of semiconductors and was originally used to define electronics that used semiconductors rather than vacuum tubes such as the simple transistor radio. These days, most electronics are built around semiconductors and chips. Regarding SSD, it refers to the fact that the primary storage medium is through semiconductors instead of a magnetic media such as a hard drive.

You might compare it to a flash drive that plugs into the USB port which is partially true since both flash and solid state both use memory chips that are non-volatile for retaining information even without power. Their main difference is in the form factor wherein the flash drive is primarily designed to be external and this drive is designed to be installed internally in place of the traditional hard drives.

Traditional hard drives and SSD looks alike outside which was done on purpose to allow it to fit anywhere a traditional hard drive fits. It can be placed in a laptop or a desktop just like a common hard drive since they have the same dimensions as well as using the ATA or SATA interfaces.

Solid state drives are near perfect and are surely taking over the traditional hard drive very soon. Of course, being new in the market, they are a bit on the expensive side which is understandable because we know that they will eventually become cheaper as time goes by. As far as advantages go, there’s really nothing to contest about. There are three main reasons though as to why this kind of drive is better.

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