proliferation of spores ranging in size from 1 to 100 microns. Molds can grow anywhere when water is present.

Molds are tiny fungi that reproduce by proliferation of spores ranging in size from 1 to 100 microns. Molds can grow anywhere when water is present.

Here is one of the most common problems I find in consumer air purifier reviews: someone has installed an air purifier to “get rid of mold.” Some complain that high priced HEPA purification has failed to remove the musty odor. Others gleefully report that the air smells “fresh” after using an ozone making “air purifier.”

This is the key to ozone’s success as an air purifier: active led 燈帶價錢 purification. It hangs about for days, oxidizing biologicals like mold. Unfortunately, ozone levels high enough to remove mold are unsafe for anyone, especially those with any illness.

In some cases, shock ozone treatments can be the best solution to a mold problem. But only where people and pets are out of the home. This is a good job for professionals. Ozone emitting air purifiers are not recommended for daily use.

The key to understanding mold is moisture. Mold will grow on a wide range of materials, when water is present. When mold grows unchecked indoors, it produces millions of airborne spores. Indoor mold spore counts can be many times higher than outdoors. These concentrations are hazardous to everyone, allergic or otherwise.

If you have a mold situation, investigate the source of moisture. Wet basements are a common source, sometimes impossible to cure. Air conditioning (HVAC) coils, collectors, and pans are often hidden sources.

If there is leaking plumbing, roofing, or a downspout that dumps runoff near the house, there may be mold. Installing an air purifier for allergy to mold under damp conditions is bound to be a disappointment.

Water damage that has resulted in significant mold growth could require remediation by a licensed contractor. Replace rotted or damp organic building materials; wood, ceiling tile, carpeting, wallboard, and wallpaper. Particleboard kitchen and bath countertops, with pressed wood hiding under a thin facade of Formica plastic venire are often moldy on the underside.

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