Remember the Tiger Who Came to Tea? He ate everything in Sophie’s house, drank every drop of water from the taps, and then walked away for good, never to be seen again. The tigers are now inviting to come for tea, and the good reason is the abundance of meals to take home. At Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne visitors can enjoy afternoon tea in the Treetops Cafe after enjoying a special guided tour led by an animal expert from the park’s Cat Team. The team will provide interesting information on the tigers (like did you realize that their skin is stripes as is their fur? ) Also, they’ll provide answers to any questions you might have. In the end, you’ll be able to walk the Big Cat Walk to get photographs of these majestic animals before exploring the rest area of the park.
Wolves walking with Wolves
If you’ve always wanted to encounter a wolf in Tiger Who Came to Tea person, this is your chance. On the outskirts of Reading, volunteers at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust head out into the countryside two fully mature wolves walking on metallic leashes before them. The Trust has the land and must take steps to ensure that the wolves don’t come in contact with any dogs. Larger canines often like to play-fight, a fight that could end in death for those who are battling a tooth-baring wolf. On the way to the park, there are plenty photo opportunities , and people may be able to touch the wolves, however not as you would a dog. The wolves must be brushed in the lower part of their stomachs, so that you’re not submitting to them.
Meet the Meerkats
Not everyone likes their wild animals, but they’re wild. If you’re interested in getting to know the most adorable animals of Africa, there are several options that let you be close with meerkats, be it in Hertfordshire, Chester or Preston. Though the experiences will vary depending on the location the majority of experiences will involve participants chatting with members of the meerkats’ team as well as preparing meerkats’ food for them. When you step into their pen and sprinkle food on them on the floor, the inquisitive meerkats are more than excited to visit and greet you. Once you’ve had the pleasure of meeting meerkats, explore the rest of the park and even meet the rest the animals.
Whatever kind of animal you’re looking for, it’s likely to find an experience that meets your requirements. If you’re thinking about planning exotic trips to experience your favorite animal in person then why not consider the opportunities nearer to home?

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