Innovation Must Come Before the Big Founder’s Salute!

All business models evolve over time, and that includes the franchise business models of the largest franchising systems in the world gay ceo. And there comes a time when the Franchising Founder, must listen to his team, and his franchisees and allow innovation to carry the company forward. The worst thing a franchise company can do is to allow itself to stagnate.

There is a rather funny and interesting story about a very famous Franchising Founder and innovation then I like to tell you about. You see, Ray Kroc the founder of McDonald’s Franchise System did not like the idea of the Egg McMuffin. It turns out that a franchisee out near Santa Barbara California started selling a sausage patty, egg, with cheese between two English muffins. And he made variations of this breakfast sandwich, and would sell out every morning.

When Ray Kroc found out about it, he told his franchisee to stop, as that was not an approved food items for the menu. The franchisee was quite upset, as he was making money in the mornings when the store would’ve normally been closed. Ray Kroc brought in his executive team to deal with this situation, and they all seem to agree that the Egg McMuffin should stay.

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