Toy Story Costumes for Halloween – Woody

Woody as the original lead toy from the first Toy Story movie is a Halloween costume favorite. Here we have some examples to assist you in making your little one the best Woody at the Halloween party. Woody is also a great choice for kids of all ages.

The thrill of being suited up in a great Toy Story Woody Halloween Costume can truly be amazing. After all, this costume helps in recreating the adventures of the pull string cowboy with a number of toys including Buzz Lightyear and Jessie the Cowgirl and more.

An ideal Woody Halloween Costume would consist of a jumpsuit and a waistcoat that has much detailing on it. There is also (quite naturally) a sheriff star included in the costume that also has a belt with screen print on it. In addition, the costume consists of a dandy cowboy hat that completes the ensemble. You may need to shop separately for boots and shirts which are not included in a typical Woody Halloween Costume.

It would be wrong to believe that a Woody Halloween Costume is meant only for kids because there are such costumes that are also available for those adults that still remember their favorite toys and who still yearn to dress up in their favorite costumes. The adult version of the Woody Toy Story Costume includes a jumpsuit made from polyester and it also includes black colored Velcro closures and vest that is black and white colored and which has a print on it as well.

The adult costume also includes the sheriff star and the top part of the jumpsuit is printed in a manner which makes it look like a plaid shirt in yellow and red 後庭拉珠 colors. There is also a western shirt which has on it several large size white colored buttons while the bottom is blue colored and to complete the costume, the costume includes a printed belt in brown color.

The costume also has attached brown colored boot tops made from foam that can be slipped over your shoes and kept in place with elastic bands. These boot covers have prints of cacti on them. A red colored triangular bandanna is also included in most adult Woody Halloween Costumes. This bandanna can be tied around the neck and to cover your head, there is a hat made from plastic.

For those who wish to make a stronger statement, they can dispense with the plastic hat and instead go out and shop for accessories such as a deluxe adult Woody hat. There no doubts the fact that a Woody Halloween Costume whether worn by adults or by kids can prove to be truly fitting for an important occasion such as Halloween.

Halloween stores all across the nation are stocking up their shelves with a wide number of Woody Halloween Costumes. Part of the reason for this is the popularity of the Toy Story 3. It is not just the Woody Halloween Costume that is being stocked in big numbers because other costumes including the Buzz and Mr. Potato and Jessie are also being stocked up.

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