Tips for polishing

Polished concrete flooring is something that most people might not be well clued about. The reasons for this range depending on the reason. It could be that the polishing of floors requires a great deal of technical knowledge to the fact that a lot of people prefer to think of the entire polishing process as something that is not suited to the everyday person. However, it is crucial for any home owner who is using the polished concrete floors to be aware of how polishing the floor happens when all is said and done.

The first thing to note is that it is very important to know that concrete can be polished to a rather sparkling and dazzling appearance for an attractive floor that does not require coating or wax for that matter. One can decide to simply grind the new floors or just clean the floors that are old to get a rather high gloss finish. In the end of the day the polished floor will look something like polished stone. It’s no wonder that VCT strip and wax is used as a decorative means in numerous areas.

The polished look of concrete floors is made by using sanding pads and some grinder which are used until such a time when the floor appears smooth, glossy and attractive. There are many places that use this type of polished concrete flooring useful for instance certain show rooms , shops and showrooms in addition to homes restaurant, hotels and other places. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, polished concrete floors aren’t as slippery as other flooring options like polished marble or Linoleum.

In general, floors can be polished. However, when the surface is new it is recommended that you allow it to rest for at least 4 or five weeks before you really think about polishing it. A concrete floor that is already in place might need some thorough cleaning to prepare it for concrete polishing. It is vital, however to consult with a professional on what is best for their flooring prior to deciding whether or not to polish the floor of your office or at home.

There are times when the floor that is in place requires some sort of solidification before the polishing is done. In this case, the surface will require to be solidified and dense, which requires a professional to use some penetrating concrete hardeners. In the normal scenario of concrete polishing, this happens in the initial stage of of grinding.

The chemical process that occurs within the concrete is a complex process, but in simple terms the hardeners finish reacting with the concrete and leading to some kind of crystalline structure. The hardeners also provide a sense of protection from the penetration of water, staining and dusting the concrete. The smoothing and polishing takes place and it can be wet or dry even thought there are instances where it’s a mix of both.

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