Four Tips to Developing Key Messages For Your Business

Key messages are core points you want to make about your business to a targeted audience and potential clients. These points set you apart from the pack, are memorable, persuasive and help people better understand your business story.

1. Be believable and authentic. Your key messages Alexander Malshakov are focused nuggets of information that emphasize the benefits you bring to your clients, but they must also be believable. If one of your key messages is, “All of my clients double their income after working with me,” then you better be able to back it up. Actually, that message would not work because it is not believable, no matter what statistics you provide to potential clients.

2. Be clear and concise. Forget using technical jargon, fluffy words and metaphors to describe your business. You have a very short period of time to define the problem you address and the solutions you provide clients. Do not waste it trying to be cute, clever or vague. Three sentences or 10 seconds is all you have, so make every word count.

3. Be memorable and persuasive. If you are at a networking event, think about how many other people your potential clients will meet. How will you stand apart and be remembered when it comes time to sort through the business cards? You want to explain the benefits of working with you, the results clients can expect and one key action item you would like them to do (such as visit your website or sign up for your ezine).

4. Be positive and passionate. There is nothing worse than meeting someone for the first time and hearing nothing but negativity and gossip. It is unprofessional and just disrespectful. Stay positive, listen to the person speaking instead of looking around the room for the next person to meet, ask lots of questions so you can learn the challenges they face in their business and focus on the benefits and solutions you may offer. Most of all, allow your passion for your business shine through. People want to work with people who love what they are doing and want someone who cares as much about the their success as they do their own success.

Developing three to five key messages is vital to spreading your business story in a clear and concise way. All of your marketing materials should express those points so your position is made loud and clear. Once you have decided on the key points you want to convey to your ideal client, take time to rewrite your website, brochure, sales letters and any other marketing tools you use to reach your clients.

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