Free Google Ads – Who Are You Kidding?

Approximately 80 million people are searching daily for a money-making opportunity of one sort or another buy google ads account. Many of the 90 best keyword phrases start with “making money…”. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how arranging for free Google ads will contribute to your own money-making opportunity.

The bottom line is you will be shown how to place your niche article at the top of the page, sell profitable ads to put on your article, offer a free newsletter signup and then selling advertising on your free newsletter as well.

This is not as difficult as you think when you are not concerned with the cost of the click through conversion rate. When your only concern is to be at the top at any cost, you can easily do it with a little experimenting. You know you will get lots of clicks when you are at the top, generating lots of traffic. You bid high enough to quickly get to the top, and then slowly start reducing your bid price while staying at or near the top.

You will want to hold the new bid price for 5 days to allow the search engines to adjust while still keeping up the traffic volume from your high placement. Then you can reduce your bid price again by another 5 cents and hold for another 5 days. Over time you will significantly reduce your cost and still hold your top position because the search engines are giving you credit for the traffic volume generated so you remain at the top spot even with a lower cost.

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